Webinar Recap: Learn the Best Practices in Mobile Game Testing

Best Practices in Mobile Game Testing

Two days ago we hosted a webinar featuring the best practices in mobile game testing. Our Technical Product Manager Ville-Veikko Helppi shared his expertise and opinions on the most critical aspects in mobile game testing, leveraging test automation for daily game development and testing, and key things to build a revenue generation mobile game.

We prepared the webinar recording for any of you that were not able to register or attend the webinar and want to watch it again. Feel free to share it to you team members.

Watch Mobile Game Testing Webinar

Should you have no time to watch the entire webinar, here is the presentation deck that is already very hot and trending on slideshare.

Mobile game developer and testers will find it rather useful as it will provide lots of insights to your daily job. Also, product managers and game graphic designers can also be aware of pillars of a successful mobile game.

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In case you are more interested in an ebook about this topics, you can find the ebook by following the link below.

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