Welcome to Bitbar’s First Mobile DevOps Meetup in Berlin

We’re thrilled to host our first Mobile DevOps Meetup in Berlin where we will discuss how companies should improve their mobile performance metrics and how to efficiently monitor various performance aspects of mobile apps, games and websites. Interested? Register here and join us

What are the themes?

We will discuss the following topics: 

  • What does mobile performance mean to mobile success?
  • What metrics and key performance indicators should every mobile developer track?
  • Why and how do you implement an advanced Mobile DevOps methodology?
  • How do today’s top companies leverage mobile DevOps to better manage mobile performance?

N.B. It’s an open session where everyone is welcome and free to share your current strategy, challenges, what works and what didn’t work at your company. 

When and where is the meetup taking place?

The meetup will officially start at 7:00pm CET Monday May 29th on the roof terrace of AMANO Grand Central in Berlin. That being said, we’ll be there at 5:00pm. If you want to have an early discussion, you can reach Dave Horner (LinkedIn profile) or Stefan Siebelmann (LinkedIn profile). 

How to Register?

If you are in Berlin next Monday, come and join us for discussions and share your stories and experiences on mobile performance and mobile DevOps! And do not forget to register for the meetup.

Berlin Mobile DevOps Meetup

We look forward to meeting you in Berlin! See you on Monday.

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