What Devices Should You Verify Compatibility Before the New iPhones and Samsungs?

Dear Testdroiders,

To reach the optimal condition of revenue generation through your mobile projects, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that your mobile apps or games always work perfectly on the most popular devices or the latest devices. At Testdroid Cloud, you have the chance to access all of these devices with a very low threshold.

Since the past weeks, we have acquired and added several cool devices that either already have a high market sshare or are trending. With your current Testdroid Cloud plan, you can expect to avoid an over $2200 (equivalent of €1840) upfront payment to buy all of these devices. The instant accessibility of these new devices shall bring more value to your app testing within your current Testdroid Cloud plan.

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What devices have we recently added?

The most notable devices we have added lately are as below with specs info.

HTC 10, LG G5, Huawei P9, OnePlus X

Talking about OnePlus, the whole family can be found on Testdroid Cloud. In addition to the newly added OnePlus X, you can also test your mobile apps/games instantly on OnePlus One and OnePlus Two. In case you want to cover both OS versions of OnePlus One, the OnePlus One CyanogenOS and OxygenOS are both available on Testdroid Cloud.

I need to test on (some of) these devices. How to get access?

As mentioned above, existing Testdroid Cloud customers have the instant access to these devices with no extra cost. If you don’t have a valid plan at the moment, you can spend less than $100 per month to use these devices for 10 hours. You can either do automated testing or manually control these devices as if they were in your hand. In fact, all of the devices will be at your disposal for testing. Check out our pricing

On top of the access to all devices, you will receive our authentic and cool Testdroid t-shirt for free in this summer. The campaign is still ongoing and you will become a true Testdroider when you become a Testdroid customer and put on your Testdroid t-shirt.

What’s Next?

As usual, Fall is always the critical season for the smartphone giants – Apple and Samsung , announcing and releasing their new flagships. Surely this year we’ll be expecting the next generation iPhone – ‘iPhone 7’ and the new Samsung handsets – ‘Samsung Galaxy S8’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy S7 Note’. Again, you will be able to save thousands of USD or EURO for acquiring them. Instead with $99, you will get the full access to these devices on Testdroid Cloud.

Stay tuned for new devices and happy testing with Testdroid.