What Should We Expect from Android M? – Part #2

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Android M Features

Since the preview of Android L, it was proved to be a much better, nicer, and more powerful Android operating system than ever. With that being said, there might be still some features that you were expecting but missing in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Few days ago, we have covered quick answers to some quick questions about Android M. Today, let’s take a look at what we should expect from Android M (If your expectations are not listed below, share it with us in comments).

1. Notifications

Undoubtedly, notifications in Android Lollipop has been vastly enhanced. Users now can get notifications in priority order without even unlocking the screen. But it would be great to add in the interactivity of notifications, allowing us to answer messages or share a post/tweet on the lock screen in Android M.

More than that, when you own two or more Android devices, it’s quite annoying to dismiss all the notifications which you have seen and responded. A better user experience is to dismiss notifications themselves whenever you have taken actions on one of your Android devices.

2. Google Now

As an intelligent personal assistant, Google Now is now widely used by millions of Android lovers. Nevertheless, the number of the cards is still limited and we don’t see more card choices or the extensive customization of the cards in Android Lollipop.

Although Google Now does deliver the information that users were heavily searching on Google Search, this is still not as convenient as . One of the expectations in Android M is that Google could add in more cards, e.g. Entertainment Card would enable users to follow any new things of defined entertainment; Stars Card would allow movie/pop stars fans to get the first-hand news of the stars just in real time.

3. Health

Your smartphone is monitoring and tracking your health and fitness while you are on the go. Isn’t it cool? Google has unveiled an app called Google Fit for Android users along with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The SDK provides new APIs to manufacturers to build fitness apps and devices easier. But a massive plus would be that these metrics can be available in real time through Google Now. A single swipe to Google Now could easily let you keep an eye on your defined fitness goal of that day. Furthermore, it would be even a smarter way to push the notifications to users for achieving various goals.

4. Household Management

As you know, in Android 5.0 Lollipop Google has brought in-car Android technology to a new level – car owners can soon get Android Auto (Google Maps, Music, etc.) on their cars. But it seems that Android is lagging in household automation.

Actually, earlier this year Google acquired Nests Labs Inc., a home thermostat and smoke alarm device maker. While it might be a test drive or in experimental purpose, it would be still exciting to see that in Android M Google could develop and open up new APIs for home appliance manufacturers to build Android based controller system on home appliances in a simpler way. After all, that would make us more comfortable and better living at home.

5. Smarter gestures

One of the biggest differentiators that smartphones are over feature phones is the touchscreen. Over the years some manufacturers have proved that there is a lot more you can do with a touchscreen. For example, LG G2 allows users to turn on/off by double-tapping the touchscreen. This kind of tapping might solve the problem of satisfying different smartphone users of a power button sitting at the top or the side of the phone.

It would be nice to see that those new gestures would appear as a default function in the stock Android, aka in Android M. Also, the customization of gesture commands would be further more enticing.

Though we’ve only listed 5 new features here, there must be more aspects that could be improved in the next Android version, as Google always makes us sparkle with its new things. If you have something in your mind about Android M, share it with us in the comments section.


  • Orion Crest

    Articles like this cause me to feel how much Android has changed over the time – I remember anxiously waiting for this version to be released
    Oh good times