WWDC 2016 – iOS 10, OS X, Swift

Dear Testdroiders,

The WWDC 2016, the most important annual developer events for Apple, is kicking off in couple of hours. Last year a couple of news or new things were introduced, e.g. debut of Apple Music, the open source of Swift language, new features of iOS 9, and etc. In this year, it’s surely exciting to see how and what Apple is going to bring us to react to the competition from Google and its Android.

WWDC 2016

What could be expected?

First off, the new iPhone flagships won’t be announced or unveiled on WWDC. The iPhone SE was just introduced in the end of March, Apple surely wants to gain more sales from the latest 4.0 model. Nevertheless, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are still, as for now, the most important iOS devices against which you should make your apps or games robust and flawless. You can test your latest iOS version on all of our iOS devices with less than a ‘Franklin Banknote’.

iOS 10

As iOS 9 was almost focused on tweaking and upgrading the existing features, we can expect freshly new features in the tens version of iOS. The most covered topic by press is Siri. Apple could bring some new features based on Siri to facilitate our daily lives further.

Another thing could be expected is the possibility of uninstalling the Apple’s pre-installed apps in order to release more space for iPhone users. This might not come or arrive this soon, but it would be exciting to see this.

Swift 3

Though it won’t be released until this Fall, Swift 3.0 already draws much attention from Apple developers, especially Google, after the announcement of its roadmap in last December. As this is the first major upgrade after being open source, Apple might bring more functionalities that can be used over other platforms and more flexible. One of the biggest new things could be to make Swift fully interoperable with C++ libraries.

Don’t miss these insightful sessions

If you’ll be on the event, there are plenty of great sessions to attend except listening to the Keynote.

  • UI Testing and Continuous Integration with Xcode Lab
  • You can join ‘What’s new in Swift’ and learn how to avail the latest Swift to build new add-ons for your apps.
  • If you are new to Xcode, then ‘Introduction to Xcode’ is definitely the must-attend session.

Enjoy the week!