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Bitbar Monitoring

Proactive Mobile Monitoring on Real Networks and Locations, Around the Globe. testing information

Mobile App, Game and Web Testing

Bitbar Testing – powered by Testdroid technology – provides mobile app, game, web testing and test automation solutions using real Android and iOS devices enabling mobile developers to build high quality apps, games and websites.

Bitbar Testing provides versatile deployment options for different types of mobile app developers: Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise solution. Bitbar Testing products scale from few devices to thousands of real Android and iOS devices.

Real devices provide an authentic environment for mobile tests and with test automation any number of real devices can be included in your test runs. Bitbar Testing provides unlimited parallel/concurrent test runs with the largest device farm available online.

Results of test runs are delivered quickly with all possible data, logs, videos, screenshots for developers to test and debug issues, ultimately leading to quicker issue detection and ability to fix problems in a timely manner which is paramount for the release of better quality apps. Monitoring information

Synthetic Mobile Monitoring

Bitbar Monitoring allows proactive monitoring of mobile websites, mobile applications or API endpoints to ensure content is not only available, but fully functional from mobile devices, on specific locations and on real networks.

Bitbar Monitoring provides real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities for proactive monitoring of performance, conditions, and availability of mobile apps, games and websites. Bitbar Monitoring periodically checks how apps launch and perform on real Android and iOS devices.

Ensure your mobile performance, payments and other transactions work properly from any location, 24 hours per day. Receive diverse data about performance, uptime, vulnerabilities and tons of other useful information in real-time, without using end-users to explore your product.

View load times, response and request headers and other details. Use network waterfall details to find problems and diagnose performance issues, get real-time data about app, game and/or web performance. Results drive you to optimize performance and user experience around the globe.

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We Are Here to Help You Create The Best Apps

We provide the most comprehensive and scalable mobile testing products and test automation solutions for the mobile industry. Our Testdroid technology has helped hundreds of top-tier mobile app, mobile game and mobile web companies build better products, increase their market ratings, and the most importantly, build products that generate revenue.

Contact us to get the wheels spinning and make your mobile story yet more compelling.

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Upcoming Update on iOS Capabilities and iOS Devices

Dear Bitbar Testing users, There will be a big change related to our iOS capabilities during the next release update. The release is scheduled to start on next Tuesday May 23rd at 11PM PST / Wednesday May 24th at 8AM CET. And it takes about 2 hours for the update and maintenance.

Get Started with App Monitoring for Successful Mobile DevOps

Mobile DevOps has very different expectations, criteria and requirements when it comes to successful performance monitoring and general health-level of mobile apps, websites and APIs. The industry has somewhat neglected the fact that monitoring should happen on a real location, using REAL network, with real infrastructure. The methods and tools build around mobile monitoring have…

Webinar: Exercising and Scaling Up Mobile DevOps in the Enterprise

Date: 15th of February 2017 Time: 11:00am PST Target audience: IT, DevOps, Admins, Operations, Management Adopting the mobile devops culture, processes and practices at any organization may not happen overnight. The transformation from agile to true mobile devops requires identification of inefficiencies and understanding of how process, practice and infrastructure can be scaled up. The mobile devops can…

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