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Don’t Compromise to Test Your App

With maximum flexibility, BitBar offers the most reliable cloud-based mobile-app testing solution out there. Use any framework to run manual or automated tests on thousands of real devices.
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The Tool of Choice for the New Software Organization

The way we build, test, and deliver software has fundamentally changed. Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery are a challenge for most software developers and testers.

Today’s development teams need to move. That means agile, flexible, and efficient aren’t optional. They’re necessary to deliver better mobile app experiences to customers as fast as possible.

Reliable bitbar


Real devices, reliable results. 

Ditch the hassle of maintaining devices. Get instant access to run live and automated tests on thousands of real mobile devices – 200+ different iOS and Android models.

Scalability bitbar


No rigid solutions.

Test your builds faster with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes. Scale up or down as you need.

Agility bitbar


No strings attached.

Support for any native mobile test-automation framework, including Docker-contained custom frameworks. Integrates with your team’s existing process and tools with native plug-ins and our REST API.

Secure bitbar


The right option for your team.

The most deployment options to match your testing, security, and hosting needs. Includes public cloud, dedicated devices, private cloud, and on-premises.

Trusted by DevOps teams in every industry
Mobile App Testing

Create a better app, faster

No matter what framework you use for testing, the amount of tests you need to run, or what other tools you’re already using, BitBar is ready. With thousands of real mobile devices – 200+ different models – you can test more, test faster, and shorten your delivery cycles.

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“With BitBar we have implemented an optimal DevOps process. The automation and scalability of BitBar allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time. This gives us the confidence to move our SDK through all phases of the pipeline and deliver quality SDKs to game developers rapidly.”

Rasmus Selsmark, QA Lead at Unity

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