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Test mobile apps against 1000s of real devices on Bitbar Device Cloud with defined script tests, manual testing or AI Testbot

Enterprise DevOps

Scale mobile continuous delivery for large companies with dedicated mobile DevOps infrastructure testing information

Mobile App Testing

Bitbar Testing – powered by Testdroid technology – provides test automation and manual testing solutions using real Android and iOS devices enabling mobile developers to build high quality apps, games and websites.

Bitbar Testing offers the most versatile cloud-based mobile app testing solution with hundreds of unqiue device HW & SW combinations. You can automate app tests with any popular test frameworks or manually check customer experience with remote device control.

The power of unlimited concurrency at Bitbar Testing allows scalable automated device testing against any number of real devices, from tens to thousands, in parallel within the largest device farm available online.

Results of test runs are delivered quickly with all possible data, logs, videos, screenshots for developers to test and debug issues, ultimately leading to quicker issue detection and ability to fix problems in a timely manner which is paramount for the release of better quality apps. Enterprise information

Enterprise Mobile DevOps

The Bitbar Cloud platform breaks down silos in the large organizations by providing a continuous automation solution across the mobile DevOps pipeline with support for popular CI tools, ChatOps services and open source test frameworks.

Continuous Build – Whenver you commit code, Bitbar Cloud triggers an automatic build on private real machines maintained and hosted by Bitbar teams. Creating builds at Bitbar Cloud is as fast as running locally and 4 times faster than running builds on virtual machines.

Test Automation – Automate everywhere possible against real devices hosted on private instances or on-premise. The unlimited device concurrency helps to speed up your mobile dev-test cycles and shorten developer feedback loop.

Synthetic Monitoring – Bitbar Cloud comes with the real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities for proactive monitoring of mobile app performance on real devices over carrier networks around the globe for continuous monitroing.

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We Are Here to Help You Create The Best Apps

We provide the most comprehensive and scalable mobile testing products and test automation solutions for the mobile industry. Our Testdroid technology has helped hundreds of top-tier mobile app, mobile game and mobile web companies build better products, increase their market ratings, and the most importantly, build products that generate revenue.

Contact us to get the wheels spinning and make your mobile story yet more compelling.

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