10 Best Practices for Mobile App Testing

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Dear Testdroiders,

We wrote earlier this year a blog series – Deconstructing Mobile Testing – to cover some important fundamentals regarding the mobile app testing. The blog series was hugely popular and it is again time to deep dive with some of the fundamentals in mobile app testing – and share our knowledge of the best practices in this domain.

Best Practices for Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing can be time consuming, error-prone and sometimes expensive – if not done the right way. Furthermore, mobile app testing is a yet critical task as part of your development process to ensure your users will have a positive user experience when they use your mobile app. It is absolutely necessity that you make sure that the user experience is awesome for every consumer every time they use your app, and that starts from the very first try.

In the following ten weeks we’ll be covering different topics and practices more in depth here in our blog. So, join us each Wednesday – starting on October 16, 2013 for our first blog, Increase efficiency and productivity with test automation. The blog series will cover the following topics:

October 16 – Increase Efficiency and Productivity with Test Automation
October  23 – Test Early, Test Often – Testing as Part of Your App Development
October 30 – Rely only on Real – Emulators vs. Devices
November 6 – Ease your App Testing by Splitting into Smaller Units
November 13 – Make Your Testing A Data-Driven
November 20 – Don’t Forget Object-Oriented Approach in Your App Testing
November 27 – Strive for Hermetic but Never Compromise Integrity of App
December 4 – Test Security of Your Mobile App to Mitigate the Liability and Threats
December 11 – Distribute Testing Effort Across Your Team – Even with Devs
December 18 – Get the Superb Expertise in Your Testing/QA Team

This blog series will instruct how to do iPhone app testing, testing your mobile apps online on cloud service, do Android app testing and how to adopt these best practices. The best practices in testing naturally evolve in time, but most of these topics are important for every mobile app developer and tester out there. Check those out!

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