Bitbar announces Testdroid

Bitbar, the mobile devops company. Logo, large

Helsinki, Finland (May 4th, 2011) Bitbar, technology and services company enabling Android software development teams to accelerate their product development, improve quality and lower fixed costs in their development by providing automated software Build and Test environments, announces the release of Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Server in conjunction with Google IO 10-11 May 2011.

Testdroid Recorder is a very easy to use Eclipse plugin that automates the most time consuming parts of test code writing. It outputs Robotium Java-code that can be executed on real Android devices or on Android emulator. Tests are created by just clicking through the use cases using the application with Android phone or emulators, during which the recorder captures calls of GUI objects. Testdroid Recorder makes it possible to run the same test code on any Android device regardless of OS versions, screen sizes or language settings. You can test unlimited number of localized versions of your application without changing the test code. Also working with evolving server-side services becomes easy, as every change can be tested automatically on real devices.

With Testdroid Server developers can save up 80% of their testing times as they are able to run the tests on multiple devices at the same time without any manual work. UI tests created with Testdroid Recorder or any other in-house tests, like performance or load tests or compatibility tests can be executed automatically on unlimited number of devices by Testdroid Server.

“Writing test cases is approximately 30% of total testing efforts. Testdroid Recorder can minize developer efforts in writing the test cases. But the rest of all testing efforts goes to test execution and reporting. That is why we have developed Testdroid Server, which manages all aspects of automatically running tests on multiple Android devices simultaneously,” says Marko Kaasila, CEO of Bitbar. “Mobile applications are attracting the best of the best of software development and are becoming the preferred interface for entertainment, business, information and virtually all aspects of life. So far, the quality of applications has been the main reason for low revenue figures for developer-to-consumer vendors and main headache for business-to-consumer or business-to-business vendors. With complete Testdroid end-to-end solution that does not need to be the case anymore. Every development team can easily ensure Android application quality, reliability and performance automatically on wide range of devices.”

Testdroid, an end-to-end automated test solution for Android applications, will be released for customer trials in conjunction with Google IO 10-11 May 2011.