Bitbarians At The Gate

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OK, so taken literally the title of this post might be a slight exaggeration as we don’t plan to break through any physical barricades anytime soon.  Instead, we’ll merely be strolling through the front door of the upcoming Uplinq 2013 conference in San Diego from September 3-5.  Our very own technical product manager Ville-Veikko Helppi will be there to speak on the panel “Improving & Refining Android Apps through Testing” as part of Bitbar’s mobile app testing renaissance.

Hosted by our friends at Qualcomm, Uplinq is a conference targeting the wireless ecosystem, its hardware-software system and the future of wireless technologies, products and services.  Ville-Veikko will chat alongside others about testing, improving and refining critical elements of Android app development and share must-have testing methods and tips for gaining success with developers.  The audience?  Primarily the people that make our hearts go aflutter:  mobile developers.

The topic of app testing has been getting more and more airtime at conferences like Uplinq over the past year, because in the end, it’s all about the user experience.  This reinforces what we at Bitbar have been living and breathing all along:  that app testing is an essential backbone of the mobile industry.  And with over 1.5 million Android activations daily, it needs to be.  Testing ensures that app users have a positive experience, that developers can move on to their next project rather than be stuck on fixing bugs and that the companies behind the apps see download numbers and stay happy.  Without testing, success of an app’s function and its popularity in the app marketplace can’t be guaranteed.  After all, no one wants to play with a broken toy.

So we hope to see our Testdroiders in San Diego.  While there, come say hello to Ville-Veikko and also swing by the Mobile Innovations Showcase, where Qualcomm will demo Testdroid.  Help us lead the charge in the mobile app testing mini-uprising!