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This is the 25th blog of our Things You Should Know About Appium blog series. Today we are going to quickly talk about the most common test zip mistakes with Appium and how to avoid it to get your Appium tests running instantly with no hassle.

As you know, the Appium Server-Side Execution on Bitbar enables you to run Appium tests on all of our devices in parallel with no need for changing complicated setups or modify any desired capabilities which must be done at client side. The process is simple – upload the target .apk or .ipa, upload your test scripts in .zip file and then you can just start the test run after selecting the device group. If you find that the test didn’t run properly, chances are that the test files are wrongly zipped. To avoid any other common mistakes, download our free Appium beginner’s guide and follow the instructions to build a proper Appium setup.

If your Appium tests are finished with failure or didn’t even start, then one of the most important things you can check is how your project files are zipped. The typical Appium test zip mistakes look as below – either all files are under a parent directory or part of the files are not found in the root of the zip file.

Mistake case #1: 

appium test zip mistake #1

Mistake case #2: 

appium test zip mistake #2

Mistake case #3: 

appium test zip mistake #3

One thing worth noting is that is the key to automating the tests (you can rename it as for Android or for iOS). It is the launch point of the testing process and used to execute any of the tests provided. It can also be modified to fit the purposes of the test project. Hence the correct way of a zipped file looks like below – all the files are at the root of the zip file.

The correct way for zipping:

correct way to zip tests

Hope this quick tip will help you avoid the unnecessary check-up on your Appium tests for server-side execution. Please comment below and stay tuned as more tips and tricks for Appium are on their way here Bitbar blog.

Happy Appium Test Automation!

Lingkai Shao

Marketing Manager