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Over the years, the integration of JIRA has helped many organizations facilitate the process of creating and reporting issues on mobile app tests directly from Bitbar Testing platform. Today, we are glad that Bitbar Testing for JIRA is now added onto Atlassian Marketplace, breaking the barriers between Devs, Test and IT/Ops teams.

As the core of DevOps is collaboration, instant communication between teams is important. Regardless of severity, bugs detected in your mission-critical apps need to be instantly reported to Dev teams for a quick fix. With the motto of ‘Always Be Testing’, QA teams cannot afford to spend a vast amount of time switching between testing platforms and issue tracking tools. It’s imperative for QA teams to accelerate and simplify the process of creating tickets and reporting bugs to Dev teams, especially when hundreds of automated test runs are executed in a day. This is where the combination of Bitbar Testing and JIRA can help.

Delivery Pipeline for Android and iOS Apps

By enabling JIRA on Bitbar Testing, one can easily create tickets and report test run errors to JIRA for issue tracking, providing everyone on the team with unparalleled visibility on historical issues and easy access to device level info including screenshots, logs, errors, videos, performance stats, etc.

If your team is on the way of adopting DevOps processes or building a CI/CD pipeline to frequently ship quality apps, you would definitely need this integration in order to build fast, transparent and real-time communications between Dev, Test and IT/Ops teams.

To check out the plugin of Bitbar Testing for JIRA, visit

Learn how to enable the integration of JIRA on Bitbar Testing

Happy testing!

Lingkai Shao

Article author