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What is AI Testbot testing?

Bitbar was the first major device cloud provider over a year ago to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) based solution. Allowing customers to do exploratory testing on their mobile applications using an intelligent bot.

Bitbar AI Testbot checks the application’s objects and elements on the graphical user interface to recognize the different views of the application. The bot then tries to cover as many pages as it can by tapping on the recognized objects and images. Additionally, the testbot knows how to swipe to find new content, recognize the same views with changing content or insert user provided credentials. Credentials can include additional personal information like a postal address for logging and registering into services.

In the exploratory testing AI Testbot finds and reports issues on application crashes or unexpected error popups. Each test run generates execution logs, screenshots and a video recording of the execution for later review.

Why we created it?

AI Testbot was created to lift off the burden of QA teams for doing smoke testing and to allow an automated bot do the exploratory testing on the application.

You can use it in at least two ways. First, leave the bot to explore the application for longer periods of time without any human intervention. Here time plays in favor of the bot as it can crawl and find new corner cases. For short runs, use the testbot for smoke testing new versions of the application.

We even have even seen customers running the AI Testbot against production for extended periods to check production back end services.

What hosts are supported?

We support AI Testbot for both Android and iOS environments.

How do I work with the AI Testbot?

Using the AI Testbot couldn’t be easier. Create a test run in the same way as with any other testing framework. The bot only requires you to upload an application to get started. If you want, you can extend the default exploration time (30 minutes).

What about performance?

AI Testbot exploratory testing


As the AI Testbot is going through the different views of the application and looking to find new elements and objects to interact with, the best way to improve the bot’s behavior is by increasing the allowed time for the bot to run.

This is not the fastest way of testing an application however, the bot will find issues the designed automated test cases will not. The same as end users will find paths in your application that you never thought anyone would ever do.

How do I get AI Testbot?

The AI Testbot is available to all customers on our public and private cloud setups.


AI Testbot is available from the menu list on the left within Bitbar platform. To start an AI Testbot run, you need to provide your application (.ipa or .apk). Choose a project, choose some devices and hit the start button. By default, the AI Testbot will explore your application to find possible issues for the next half an hour. You can modify the duration of the test execution by creating a new AI Testbot run from the Test Run Creator, just below the AI Testbot menu item.

AI Testbot in Bitbar cloud menu

Niko Cankar

Bitbar Product Owner