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The availability of Bitbar Cloud on AWS Marketplace gives Enterprises the agility of adopting and deploying mobile test automation with the best mobile device farm for scalable app testing.

To scale your app testing across hundreds of real devices, getting access to Bitbar Cloud through AWS Marketplace is one of the easiest and quickest ways to achieve it.

How to Get Started with Bitbar Cloud via AWS Marketplace

1. You can use this link to our listing on AWS Marketplace. Once you are there, click on the ‘Continue’ button. Log in with your AWS credentials or create a new account.

Bitbar Cloud listed on AWS Marketplace

2. When you are logged in as an AWS user, you can subscribe to using Bitbar Cloud by clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Subscribe to SaaS service on AWS Marketplace

3. You will be prompted with the message of successful subscription.

4. Now you will be directed to Bitbar Cloud portal to finish the registration to our service. The registration steps go as follows.

  • Provide your email address
  • Get activation email to your inbox
  • Click the link and give a password to get into the cloud

All done. You are set to start using start using the best device cloud service for mobile test automation. Service is billed by device hour usage.

Flexible Pricing for On-Demand Usage and Quick Start

One of the great things of subscribing to Bitbar Cloud via AWS Marketplace is its flexible pricing. Whenever you want to test your apps on any number of real devices, you just pay for the usage at $0.16 per device minute. In a given test, for example, 50 devices are executed and it takes on average 10 minutes to finish the test, then $80 will be directly charged from your AWS billing account.

Of course, when you test your apps more frequently and are able to estimate the monthly usage, our long-term commitments are the options to scale mobile app testing more cost-effectively. On top of that, there is room to create a custom testing plan for your needs.

Bitbar Pricing

Any further questions on billing, pricing or plans, do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy testing!

Lingkai Shao

Marketing Manager