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Bitbar platform is available in multiple installation flavors. The public cloud is open to everyone with a small monthly fee and has a wide variety of real devices. For larger organizations requiring more control and special configurations, we set up customer-dedicated enterprise-grade solutions – a VPC Private Cloud. Here, everything from devices to cloud installation is entirely exclusive for the selected customer.

Some customers cannot run tests over the Internet, for them, we offer the possibility to install our cloud directly on their premises. This document explains how we create private clouds in the most secure way possible, fully controlled by the customer’s IT department.

What is VPC Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a dedicated customer-specific cloud setup where our customers entirely manage the access to the cloud but Bitbar manages the devices. In many cases, private clouds are installed into Bitbar’s AWS Virtual Private Cloud environment to isolate this cloud instance from other customers’ environments. There are no connections between different cloud installations.

Bitbar is the only Private Device Testing Cloud with VPC Support and we can install it to customer’s Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (or any other cloud provider like Google Cloud Platform, Azure Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud). This allows the customer to have full control of the cloud environment. With our customers we agree on how should the connection be made between the cloud instance and the device hardware managed by Bitbar. The VPC setup looks like this:

VPC Private Cloud

Why we created VPC Private Cloud?

The main reason we created the VPC Private Cloud, is to provide additional security and control to our private cloud customers. Especially customers’ IT departments like the fact they are in control of who and how can access the cloud instance. The IT department has full control over network connections going to and from the cloud and who can access the cloud service. Having the private cloud running in the customer VPC allows an easy configuration for centrally controlled authentication mechanisms, again controlled by the IT department.

Which cloud providers are supported?

Amazon VPC is supported out-of-the-box. All major cloud provider environments like Google Cloud Platform, Azure Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud can be supported when agreed beforehand.

How do I work with VPC Private Cloud?

The cloud service behaves and operates in the same way as if the cloud was hosted by Bitbar. The biggest benefit of a VPC installed cloud is the full control of the service environment, while still getting a managed service.

What about performance?

With the cloud service running in the customer’s own VPC, connections to and from the service can be optimized by the customer IT department.

The connection to and from device clusters (for transferring test artifacts) remains the same compared to service hosted on Bitbar VPC. As this is used only for file uploading or downloading this does not affect the overall test duration.

How do I get a VPC Private Cloud?

There are plenty of options to set up the cloud which needs to be agreed with the customer. Also typically our customers want to have some specific test framework configurations running in the cloud.

Private cloud setups are agreed and configured in cooperation between our customer’s representatives and Bitbar Sales and Customer Success teams, don’t hesitate to contact them to get your VPC Private Cloud up and running.

Niko Cankar

Bitbar Product Owner