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Agile and DevOps have transformed software development forever. But is your business ready to respond to the next wave of opportunities?

QA and testing have become more important than anyone could have imagined, only a decade ago. They’re now crucial ongoing activities in the mission to drive quicker deployments that respond to the business goals of end-users.

Exciting new technologies like 5G will transform consumer expectations and raise the bar for software testing again. Being aware of these opportunities and the testing strategies that you’ll need to leverage them is essential for your business to remain competitive this year.

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Here are just a few highlights.

Test automation will become mission-critical

Automation is crucial for businesses that want to fully-leverage Agile and DevOps, align their IT processes and business goals, and slash their release cycles.

Key benefits of automation include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Quicker time to market
  • Better detection of defects
  • Better risk coverage

Test automation’s business benefits increase each year, as teams learn to use their tools more effectively and implementations become more mature – so making the leap is already important.

But test automation will become significantly more critical as the product landscape evolves and embraces new technologies.

Test automation into 2019 and beyond

Functional test cases are the most popular use of automation so far – with security tests and performance tests just behind.

New areas of test automation for 2019 are likely to include:

  • Model-based testing
  • Predictive analysis
  • Robotics automation
  • API test-case automation

However, exciting new products that leverage 5G’s speed and low latency will start to launch in 2019 and gain momentum as the new mobile networks gain traction.

Key 5G device categories include:

  • IoT (the Internet of Things)
  • Mobile VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) experiences
  • Connected autonomous vehicles
  • Remote surgery

New standards in QA and testing will be essential to make sure that these products are as safe, reliable, and responsive as technology consumers and regulators will both demand.

Overcoming automation bottlenecks

Despite the huge benefits that test automation offers, only 14-18% of reported testing activities are automated right now.

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QA and testing will be increasingly decentralized

Quality Assurance and testing are moving into Agile teams – although this doesn’t mean that the TCoE (Test Center of Excellence) is dead.

It’s true that the traditional, big and centralized TCoE has become less relevant. QA and testing have shifted from defect-finding to driving business outcomes and customer satisfaction – so responsibility has fragmented into individual Agile teams.

But fully decentralizing your QA can cause challenges: like ensuring the consistency of technologies, processes, best practices, and test scenarios across your organization’s teams.

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  • How to enjoy the benefits of both decentralized testing and organization-wide standards and governance.
  • How a modern TCoE can support your Agile environment.

Contextual Analytics will drive app improvements

Behavioral Analytics can describe how users respond to your app and identify areas for improvement. But Contextual Analytics goes even further.

Data generated through Behavioural Analytics can help you to optimize your app and improve your customer satisfaction and sales metrics. However, in-app data doesn’t give you the full picture.

According to Netradar – a leading provider of network performance analysis tools – Contextual Analytics can help you to build more meaningful conclusions about your app and its real-world performance and range of user experiences.

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  • How Contextual Analytics can help you to optimize your app and reduce churn.
  • What kind of data Contextual Analytics collects.

How can your business get ahead of the curve in 2019?

Consumers clearly expect radical new technologies and products to transform their homes, businesses, and lives throughout 2019 – so it’s time for businesses to set new performance standards in testing and QA. As we’ve seen, it’s the early adopters who are already reaping the benefits.

Pioneering and deploying new software products is important. But so is your willingness to embrace digital transformation and invest in the new technologies, test environments, and training strategies that will empower you to deliver better and more secure products to your customers.

Software Testing in 2019’ whitepaper highlights key industry trends and will help you to position your business ahead of the curve – so it can enjoy the benefits of exciting and disruptive testing technologies throughout 2019. Download whitepaper here.

Alex Napier Holland

Tech Business Writer