Capture the Chinese Market with Top 15 Handsets on Testdroid

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Hello everyone,
We’re thrilled to announce the deployment of 15 selected Chinese handsets on Testdroid Cloud to help you stand out from the crowd and capture the Chinese market. The full list is below.
Just a year ago, China was the world’s fastest growing smart device market and now it has officially surpassed the U.S. to become the world’s top country for active Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Lenovo and its rivals will ship nearly 270 million smartphones this year in China. To say this market is crowded, competitive and a lucrative opportunity for mobile app developers would be an understatement!
As the leading OEM in China, Lenovo undoubtedly accounts for a significant position in our purchase list, which encompasses 10 low-end devices and five middle- to high-end devices.
Our list is based on active devices data derived from Umeng, a mobile app analytics and developer services platform in China, sales volume from C2C platforms including Taobao and 360Buy, and other services. These handsets may no longer be the latest models in the market, but they were the most popular devices in 2012 and still possess a large market share to date.

(Note: Taobao, owned by Alibaba, is the largest C2C marketplace with a market share of more than 50 percent, and 360Buy is another big player in the C2C market in China.)

The biggest takeaway here is that companies from Western countries can start and/or grow their business in China with the help of Testdroid. And to Chinese developers who are looking for a testing solution with good quality, now you can start to upload your applications to Testdroid, create your Chinese devices cluster, and test. Done! It is just that easy to test with Testdroid.
Testdroid Team
10 Low-End Devices:
  • Xiaomi M1
  • Lenovo A60
  • Lenovo A789
  • Lenovo A798t
  • Lenovo A288t
  • Huawei C8812
  • Meizu M9
  • Coolpad 8150
  • K-Touch W619
  • ZTE U795
Five High-End Devices: 

(equipped with a big screen and a either dual-core or quad-core CPU):

  • Xiaomi M2
  • Huawei U9508 (Honor)
  • Lenovo K860
  • OPPO X907 (Finder)
  • Meizu MX dual-core