Embrace Appium 1.5 with Server-Side Execution on Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

As you may know, Appium 1.5.x is a complete rewrite of Appium from the scratch. It is a technical re-architecture that keeps the code organized at best and makes it easier for new contributors to improve the framework. To all Appium lovers, we have made it executable on all of Testdroid solutions and you can now select either Appium version 1.4 or 1.5 to drive the Server-Side Execution for your mobile app testing.


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Since the introduction of Appium on Testdroid solutions, we have been hard at work to sharpen the Appium support and bring the best experience of Appium test execution to all of you. The Server-Side Appium Execution at Testdroid has enabled every Appium user to run mobile app tests at scale and speed up the QA cycle tremendously. Now coupled with Appium 1.5, it will give you the access to run parallel Appium tests on all of the devices as usual as well as iOS 9.3 devices and hopefully soon on iOS 10 devices.

How to Use Appium 1.5 at Testdroid Cloud?

By default, you will be using Appium 1.4.16 when running server-side tests on Testdroid Cloud. The approach looks like below:

# on iOS
/opt/appium/bin/appium.js -U ${UDID} --command-timeout 120 >appium.log 2>&1 &

# on Android
/opt/appium/appium/bin/appium.js >appium.log 2>&1 &

To get started with Appium 1.5, the above lines need to be updated to as below. It is suggested to update the script even if older Appium version is used. The launch procedure has been improved with this new approach.

# on iOS
#appium-1.4 -U ${UDID} --command-timeout 120 >appium.log 2>&1 &
appium-1.5 -U ${UDID} --command-timeout 120 >appium.log 2>&1 &

# on Android
#appium-1.4 >appium.log 2>&1 &
appium-1.5 >appium.log 2>&1 &

Due to the way that Appium is started, there is no more a need for a constant sleep after the launch. The following line should be commented out in the run-tests.sh as unnecessary.

sleep 20 # Sleep for appium to launch properly This is not needed anymore

To all of users who are mainly using Client-Side Execution at Testdroid Cloud, we will upgrade it to version 1.5 in the next few weeks. That being said, we would strongly recommend you checking out Server-Side method to test your mobile apps or games. It’ll surely save your time to configure desired capabilities all the time.

Happy Testing with Server-Side Appium Execution at Testdroid Cloud!

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