Continuous delivery at enterprise scale

The #1 software-defined, dedicated mobile dev & test infrastructure built for modern enterprises to scale CI/CD and mobile DevOps.

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Your backbone for mobile DevOps success in the enterprise

The Bitbar Cloud platform breaks down silos in the larger organizations by providing a continuous automation solution across the mobile DevOps pipeline with support for popular CI tools, ChatOps services and open source test frameworks.

Continuous Build

Build apps automatically with every code commit on real machines in Bitbar-hosted, private build environments. No pain of self-hosting build agents.

Test Automation

Automate every test possible against real devices in your own dedicated mobile device cloud, hosted on private instances or on-premise.

Automated Release

Distribute your passing builds to beta testers for feedback or directly publish validated release candidates to app stores.

Synthetic Monitoring

Use Bitbar Cloud to proactively monitor apps on real devices over real carrier networks around the globe for continuous optimization.

Ramp up your business values

Large teams working in distibuted environments may add complexity to tracking releases and centralizing assets, making it hard to snyc with business requirements if DevOps isn’t done right. Bitbar Cloud can help:

Adopt new technologies

First-class support for Docker containers provides the speed and flexibility in configuring your mobile dev-test environments. Easy to onboard new teams and evaluate new tools and services.

Boost throughput and agility

The unlimited device concurrency allows to automate builds and tests on any number of devices in parallel. Validate builds faster, ship more quality code and acheive continuous feedback.

Track pipeline and releases

With great visibility into your pipeline, you get increased transparency of its performance. Keep track of releases and work from global teams and address bottlenecks in the delivery lifecycle.

Scale on your demand

New projects, new teams and new businesses. Our infrastructure supports any size of deployment from tens to thousands of devices with massive scalability to always meet your needs for future growth.

Top 10 Reasons Why Bitbar Cloud is Right for Enterprise Mobile DevOps

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The infrastructure built with simplicity and security

The Bitbar Cloud solution works on-premises like OpenStack and supports any popular cloud services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

Your choice of hosting device cloud

Your dedicated mobile device cloud with no maintenance pains

All the infrastructure, devices and hardware acquired and maintained by Bitbar team.

Can be hosted on Bitbar hosted private instances or on your own Virtual Private Cloud.

Provide enterprise-grade security with VPN/SSH secured access.

Your internal mobile device lab with more infrastructure control

Install on your internal cloud or local severs and infrastructure acquired and maintained by your internal teams.

Keep in house all of your testing data, apps and devices for highest-level security.

Grow your device lab by connecting new devices easily with the plug-and-play feature.

Exclusive features for enterprises

Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated mobile dev & test environment with real Android and iOS devices available 24/7 for your distributed teams.

Various Test Scenarios

Extensive support for rooted devices, sim cards, bluetooth connections, access to device settings, augmented reality testing and more.

Custom Docker/VM Images

Increase your efficiency by utilizing same container images in your test environment that your team uses during development

Single Sign On

Support for LDAP, SAML, Active Directory and Oauth2 to better manage access levels, audit logs and improve team productivity.

VPN/SSH Tunnel

Secured direct access from devices to your network with VPN implementation on device or network level plus SSH tunneling.

Powerful Administration

Get freedom to manage connected devices, reserve devices to specific teams, change test priority, create new users and more.

Advanced Reporting

Bring detailed analytics and logs into your dashboards and extend result database with custom information relevant for your teams.

Best-in-Class Support

Ensure your DevOps teams with 99% uptime SLA and with the best-in-industry support for any hiccups or questions you might have.

Customer Success

Hands-on assistance to facilitate your transition to Bitbar Cloud and onboard new team members.

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