Forget Monkey exerciser. Now Remember Testdroid App Crawler (InstaTest)

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Dear all visitors,

All users who have tried InstaTest in our Cloud know how cool this feature is. Let’s see how Testdroid App Crawler outperforms Monkey exerciser.

You just need to upload your apk. into our Cloud, set up your preferred configuration, and start test run. With only these three steps, you can get detailed screenshots and recording performance of your uploaded app in mins.

Now, you can watch a demo video to know how it really works in a simple way.

For those who do not know App Crawler (InstaTest) yet.

Testdroid App Crawler is a revolutionary way to automatically test your Android application on hundreds of real Android devices without any scripting or manual interaction. With its intelligent algorithms Testdroid App Crawler can even log in to your app, fill any text or number field with data and it works even with hybrid apps containing web views. As a result you get a graphical representation of App Crawler’s path through the application complete with sceenshots, logs and performance data. You can forget using the Monkey exerciser – Android testing will never be the same!

Enjoy your testing with Testdroid

Testdroid Team