From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar UI Update 2.35

Bitbar Testing UI Updates


This my first post in Bitbar Blog so I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Marek Sierociński and I’m the frontend developer in Bitbar Testing. After each release I will try to write a short post about the recent changes that we have made in each and every release. Also I will provide you with some sneak peeks of incoming features and some plans for the future.

The Building Blocks for Our Frontend

Currently our UI is mostly written in CoffeeScript, LESS and own binding system build upon LinkedIn Dust.js. Nowadays JavaScript is going through real renaissance and almost every day you can hear about new library, plugin, or just a cool feature.

Sometimes it’s very hard to not forget oneself in this deluge of information – trust me. This is why we waited long enough to catch a suitable library that will help us to improve speed and stability of UI, but in other hand, it will not require rewritting basically whole logic from the scratch.

Last year we have discovered and adopted Vue.js – an awesome JS libary that gives us a two-way data binding and mustache-like template system. And one of the great things with it is that it can also coexist with existing one. Actually we’ve found out that Vue.js also improved many of our internal KPIs so thanks to Vue.js we are able to deliver our customers yet robust and faster solutions.


I think this picture illustrate our goals the best, as it shows more or less what we are aiming at. We started with the version 2.31 and the first proof-of-concept we developed and tested was for Admin part of the UI. After 4 consecutive releases we felt confident enough to start rolling it to other parts of the UI and enabled the use of it with the most visible parts.

Here is the My Account view that you’re probably familiar with in Bitbar Public Cloud dashboard:


The whole view now is mobile-friendly. We split the old big widget to smaller parts. Let me shortly describe them:

  1. My account
    Basically it’s rewritten old My account widget. Two biggest changes are:

    1. We have moved “Change password” to modal. To see it just click on key icon.

    2. Due to various security reasons we have disabled possibility to change e-mail of an account. If you need to change your user account’s email, please contact our support.
  2. My preferences
    Here we have moved all settings related to your preferences. It’s just the beginning of this list. In near future we will add more settings here (i.e. change theme of all logs in our UI with one input).
  3. My integrations
    As we have introduced refreshed GameBench integration in this release, so we felt that this is a good opportunity to move here also JIRA and API access.
    Note that URL and key inputs now have button next to them that allows user to copy value to clipboard with one click.

And basically that’s all. As I said at the beginning – I will try to keep you up to date with changes in UI and plans for near future.
If you have any ideas or feedback – feel free to comment! We are eager to hear what do you think about these changes and our plans for the future!

For now I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time!

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