From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar UI Update 2.40

Bitbar Testing UI Updates


In Poland every day gets warmer and the stormy season begins. Already as a little boy I liked to sit glued to the window and watch the lightning. I think everyone likes to sit and work with something pleasing to the eye. This is why in UI 2.40 we decided to do…

Refreshed UI

We very like GitHub style which is really good in my opinion, this is why we decided to go this direction.

Login screen is now very minimalistic and light.

After log in, you can already see that UI is now much cleaner and contrasts are bigger. Footer is not so heavy anymore. Feedback form has been moved to top bar, not to disturb anymore in your work. Also chat plugin for now has been removed.

Items in user menu now have icons.


GameBench for every Android

Since 2.40, if you have GameBench integration enabled in My Account > My Integrations, you will be able to use GameBench in every Android test run. The switch is under Additional settings tab in Test Run Creator.

HipChat integration

To My Integrations crew joined HipChat. Configuration works the same as with Slack or Email described in mine previous post.


Admin: Convert sub-user to main user

System Administrators have now possibility to convert sub-user to account owner (main user).


Admin: Account settings

System Administrators now have also possibility to specify screenshots and timeout limits per user.


That’s all!

For now I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 😊


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