Gamers! We got NVIDIA Shield and Bunch of New Devices at Testdroid Cloud

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Dear Testdroiders,

Today, we’ve just added about 30 new devices at Testdroid Cloud, including one of the hottest gaming-focused tablet – NVIDIA Shield. This device will be a great test bench especially for game developers but the rest of the Android ecosystem will find it useful/interesting as well. When speaking of NVIDIA Shield and what makes it a great device, it is naturally a full-blown Android device that can run all native Android apps and games, and not just ones available at the Shield Hub (which was formerly known as TegraZone).


With NVIDIA Shield tablet at Testdroid Cloud you can make sure your games look as stunning as those available at the Shield Hub. Actually, if you look any of those games optimized for Tegra (especially for the new Tegra K1) you’ll get the understanding of what real chipset vs. game optimization means. They look simply stunning! NVIDIA has done a good job with game developers and tweaked their Tegra processors to offer powerful capabilities for game developers. Check it out and you’ll surely like it!

Also, if you like to understand how NVIDIA processors compare against other silicon, remember to check out our quarterly report about Android software and devices found here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.27.55 PM


PS. Going for GDC Europe next week? Please let us know and maybe we can meet up!