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Every field, market and vertical has its own particular needs, rules or peculiarities. That’s why Bitbar’s specialized customer success managers are here to see you succeed.


Technology companies are as diverse as the technology they create. That means their apps and mobile websites are going to provide a huge range of services.

Bitbar knows this and has a simple solution for all – cloud-based real device testing environments.

Forward-thinking DevOps solutions for the most advanced

Financial Services

Financial services whether for B2C to B2B rely on mobile apps that are secure, private and fast. There’s never an exception to these requirements when it comes to finance, banking or Fintech.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment on secure environments is key to developing those apps. Bitbar provides the ideal environment for just that.

Ensuring peace of mind in every transaction for


Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar business that’s already surpassed film and music in terms of value. Bitbar provides solutions for game developers big and small to keep them competitive as they develop games across devices and operating systems and continuously test them on Bitbar’s device cloud.

Guaranteeing fun for millions of players from

Retail & E-commerce

Retail and e-commerce companies need apps that remain usable at all times. That’s difficult given the range of mobile devices in use. So app developers have to continually test every change or new feature.

That’s why Bitbar provides manual device testing, automate test scripts, and AI-driven codeless tests against real devices at scale.

Enhancing purchasing experiences for


Media companies need apps and mobile websites that are just as distinct as their audiences. Developing those apps requires Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

That’s why Bitbar provides the smoothest integration of its services with app developers’ own environments and tools, so Media companies can focus on serving their audiences.

backing up trust for Media powerhouses
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