Inside Mobile Apps article on the state of the Android platform

Bitbar, the mobile devops company. Logo, large

Kathleen De Vere from Inside Mobile Apps -publication has interviewed Google’s Engineering Director for Google Play Chris Yerga and Head of Developer Relations Billy Rutledge on Android apps monetization, China and Nexus 7. The story sheds light on how developers have managed to monetize their apps in Google Play, what new ways to generate revenues there are recently released (like in-app billing, subscriptions and direct carrier billing) and what ways there are to publish high quality apps into the market, like testing apps on huge amount of devices:

Billy Rutledge: “There’s a company called Bitbar with an application called Testdroid. What they do is broker that app in parallel to hundreds of devices, run your user interaction script and send you back failure reports and screenshots. It lets your team see how your app runs across hundreds of devices, without having to buy and maintain your own inventory of test material.”

Openness of Android platform makes it the most powerful platform to innovate on and offers device manufacturers ways to differentiate from others by delivering unbelievable devices, from small screens to big tablets and everything in between. We are here then to help application companies, big and small, to publish high quality apps, games on those devices, and to make sure that end users are excited and engaged by the high quality apps delivered to their mobiles. It does not have to be that hard! 🙂

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