Meet Us at Droidcon Berlin

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Droidcon Berlin 2013

Bitbar is headed to Berlin for Droidcon Berlin 2013, along with PayPal, eBay, Wooga and Facebook who trust Testdroid for their mobile testing!

Come meet  us April 7-10 as we present Testdroid’s latest features and bring you a totally new Testdroid App Crawler.

We invite you to stop by our stand at Kosmos Berlin if you are interested in the latest mobile test automation news or need some answers to your technical questions. Come talk to us. We really appreciate your input and any feedback.

Here is what you can expect from Bitbar at Droidcon Berlin 2013:

• A totally new Testdroid App Crawler. Anyone who has used App Crawler knows how intelligent it is for smoke testing applications. To make it even more intuitive, we are introducing a totally new way to view to enable users to review and understand the results easier than ever.

Testdroid Server for iOS. If you are a regular reader of our blog posts, you already know Testdroid Server is now supporting iOS as well. The increasing number of iOS variants and total lack of Continuous Integration capable multiple device testing solutions for iOS developers has pushed us to solve this problem. Our motto “We make developers’ lives easier” – is definitely also true for iOS developers.

33 percent discount on Testdroid Credits for the month of April. April will be a very exciting month for us, so we want to share the excitement with our customers by offering 50 free credits for every 100 purchased Testdroid credit during the month. This limited time offer starts on April 7 and ends April 30. This is your chance to grab ammunition for your testing on more than 200 real Android devices in Testdroid Cloud.

If you missed us at DroidconNL last November, we suggest you take advantage of Droidcon Berlin to meet us. At the event you can also get news from PayPal, eBay, Wooga and Facebook. They also trust Testdroid for their mobile testing.

Come to the show and learn what big names say about Testdroid. We look forward to meeting you at Droidcon Berlin, April 7-10. See you soon!