Agile Development Gives Money Center Banks Competitive Advantage

Despite conservatism and a general aversion to risk, big money center banks are starting to adopt agile techniques to their software development efforts. The American Banker, a daily trade newspaper and website covering the financial services industry, has identified two of the leaders as JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the US by assets…

Use Cases for Mobile Monitoring


Mobile App

How well does my mobile app work on real networks? How fast is it and are transactions working?

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Mobile Website

Is my mobile website up and what is the load time in a specific location? How can it be improved?

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Mobile Application


Is the back-end responsive in a certain location and network? How quickly does it respond?

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User Segments of Mobile Monitoring

Best Practices for Mobile Monitoring

Mobile monitoring can help to address and spot out performance, user experience and compatibility issues during the testing part of sprint. But the best outcome can be achieved when app, website or API is monitored in the real network, using real user environment, and without doing any modifications for getting the product monitored.

Mobile DevOps Process

When looking into Mobile DevOps process and its steps, things don’t happen in waterfall, but process itself is highly iterative and all these tasks (and use of devops tools) happen in cycles. Code, Build, Test and Package can be seen as a simple agile sprint and therefore the later tasks could be also included in each sprint. This can be extremely beneficial if certain activities are included in those sprints.

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