Mobile Monitoring Helps E-Commerce and Online Retailers to Build Better Customer Experiences

The impact of website crashes or slowdowns are always significant for business. In case of e-commerce and online retailers, it’s critical and basically a revenue generation will stop at very moment when problems occur. Lagging or badly performing website impacts on revenue, customer experience, satisfaction and brand loyalty. The most common reasons for negative impact of these are due to outages, slow or non-performance of the website or mobile app. The mobile app and/or website performance hence should be monitored with the authentic environment to prevent any negative impact for businesses.

Outage or Crash Means Instant Loss of Revenue

E-commerce is highly vulnerable when it comes to website performance, uptime, and responsiveness. Being only few minutes unreachable by its users revenue lost can be significant. Synthetic mobile monitoring has been seen as the best way to avoid costly downtime and preventing customers to get negative image of online business.

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Holiday Shopping Season and Peak Days

There are plenty of peak periods in traffic, purchases and transactions taking place every year, and it’s clear that having something not ready or weakly performing on these peak days will make companies to lose revenue. Especially in the case of heavy load and traffic website tend to perform slow. Synthetic mobile monitoring with help of test automation provides a way to anticipate what the actual stress and load is for the website or app.

Load and Stress Testing with Monitoring

Get The Best Return-on-Investment for Your Business

A key indicator of a successful business is ROI - which is dollars earned in sales revenue versus dollars spent on marketing. In the case of e-commerce mobile websites and apps, performance and uptime are critical a profitable ROI generation. Making your mobile app or website customer centric is less challenging when synthetic mobile monitoring with test automation features are used for performance monitoring.

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The Key Indicators of E-Commerce and Online Business

Number of visitors, tracked by seconds, in specific geographic location is the first indicator whether everything is running normally. However, getting people to see what you offer but not to complete their transactions is a bit more challenging to test - if you are not using synthetic mobile monitoring. WIth help of scripted synthetic monitoring transaction tests can run 24/7, making sure your business is not compromised.

How to Test and Monitor Transactions

How Mobile Monitoring Improves Performance?

As soon as performance goes down, payments are not going through or something else performance-related is happening, the administrator or IT folks get notifications about this. This helps them to ramp up the service again and get comprehensive understanding of why performance slow-downs happen and how to avoid those in the future.

The Bottleneck of Mobile Performance

How Mobile Test Automation Is Used as Part of Monitoring?

Test automation with help of industry-standard open source frameworks can provide highly complex test scenarios, help getting exact information on what happens and why certain things happen on real network, real devices and global locations. Variety of different frameworks brings flexibility to build test scripts and get those running on various different locations. Learn what are the best frameworks for OS platforms:


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