Synthetic Mobile Monitoring

Bitbar Monitoring allows proactive monitoring of mobile applications, games, websites and API endpoints to ensure content is not only available, but fully functional from mobile.

Monitoring Mobile Apps

Using synthetic mobile monitoring for your mobile app is done easy and instant on real networks. Getting your app up and running on various global locations and networks is just few clicks away. By using Bitbar Monitoring you'll get comprehensive understanding of:

  • How well does the mobile app on real networks and real user conditions
  • How fast is it (launch, execution, connection) and are transactions working
  • How to monitor complex cases with help of Appium/test automation scripts
  • How app behavior evolves through the entire development lifecycle
  • Is there any compatibility issues with OS platforms, APIs and your app
Proactive user experience and performance monitoring made easy with Bitbar Monitoring.

Monitoring Mobile Websites

Discover how your websites behave on mobile, what is wrong and how to optimize and fix any issues with those. Use real mobile browsers, networks and devices to detect and diagnose problems in real-time, at interval of your choice. Get the following benefits for synthetic mobile monitoring:

  • Is the mobile website up and running - on any location?
  • What is the load time and how to improve it for specific network/location
  • Get recording of complete 'waterfall' that shows order and details of loaded resources
  • Use advanced test automation features and scripting
  • View load times, response and request headers, plus all details to catch problems and performance issues.
Bitbar Monitoring provides unique setup, locations, networks and infrastructure-ready solution for enterprises.

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Monitoring APIs and Backends

Application Programming Interfaces, server backends, and OS platform-supported services are critical for all today's mobile applications.Using Bitbar Monitoring, API and backend performance, responsiveness and availability are effortless to check and provides unique features for IT and mobile developers:

  • How responsive is backend in a certain location and network
  • What is the actual response time and does functionality work as expected
  • Use GET requests to find out all URL details, get 'waterfall' and more details
  • Create test scripts for any API to ensure your API endpoints are functioning correctly
  • Measure performance, robustness of connection, and functionality of the implementation
Bitbar Monitoring allows API checkups on any given interval, alerts when certain limits are meet.

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