New Branding for Bitbar Products – What’s New

Dear Users and Customers,

We published our new website last week and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Bitbar for working so hard on our new products, website and basically all things that we produce for you. Most importantly, I’d like to thank all our customers and especially those who provided feedback on our new branding and website implementation. Thank you! 

New – All About Mobile DevOps

The new provides highly useful business-critical information and access to the world-class mobile devops tools that we build here at Bitbar. As there will be lots of more coming in the near future and we constantly keep adding more goodies for mobile developers, testers, and organizations that want to utilize optimal devops process our goal is bring more tools and technologies in this space.


From the company point of view, we now have two different product lines – one with mature and significant user base – and new one which is now in private beta. We’ll keep informing you about the new product, its capabilities and trial options as we go forward during next few weeks and months.

Testdroid Transforms to Bitbar Testing

The old ‘Testdroid’ is still our core technology for mobile app testing products. These products are used with different deployment options to make mobile apps, games and websites robust on real devices. Our public cloud (Testdroid Cloud) still provides the most largest device farm available online (with over 500+ unique models, 5000+ devices in total).


Our private cloud option (Testdroid Private Cloud) has been also extremely popular among developers that do not want to host their own devices. With this option we provide Infrastructure as a Service type of service where everything from hardware to software and devices are taken care and hosted for our customers.

In addition, the popular on-premise product (Testdroid Enterprise) enables our customers to build any size of mobile device labs for their own premises, with their own devices. The On-Premise solution has enabled our customers to build device labs with close 1000 devices (both Android and iOS). As there are no real limitation with scalability and number of devices that can be used with our On-Premise solution, any size of mobile device labs (internal device farms) can be build using the product.

The New Product – Bitbar Monitoring

We’ve been working extremely hard to build something really unique for mobile monitoring. Our mobile monitoring product focused on native Android and iOS apps, using real networks and user conditions, is soon available publicly.


Stay tuned for more! Soon, you’ll hear something amazing from our Bitbar labs…

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