New Ebook: An Essential Guide to XCTest Framework for iOS App Testing

There are very few test automation frameworks that are tightly coupled with the development tool itself. XCTest framework is one of those frameworks that enable its users to write basic unit, performance and some level of UI tests for iOS apps.

Download this Guide to Learn All Basics about XCTest Framework and How to Create Robust XCTest Tests

The thing with frameworks (like XCTest framework) that integrate tightly with development environment is that those frameworks typically provide easy-to-use and seamless work ow with other components and features of the development environment. And as always, frameworks that are tightly bundled with development tools and environment have their pros and cons that developers should be aware of.

As Apple has decided to deprecate UI Automation from Xcode, XCTest certainly is getting its popularity among iOS developers. We hope this ebook would shed light on XCTest framework and how to create reliable and sustainable test cases for cloud use. 

Enjoy the ebook and happy XCTest testing at Bitbar!

An Essential Guide to XCTest Framework for iOS App Testing

Get all essentials about XCTest framework and learn how to get started with it for cloud testing