New Ebook: Manifesto – Everything about Mobile DevOps

Everything about Mobile DevOps

DevOps is hot. It’s a mainstream concept for for today’s agile software teams and organizations. Companies that have adopted DevOps approach lead in the competition in many relevant metrics. The specific benefits of a DevOps approach include the adoption of agile methodology, faster software delivery, greater reliability and stability and more time to focus on value.

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Today’s mobile landscape is a competitive battlefield. The success standard for mobile apps has been set very high – no bugs, more features, etc. Though mobile developers strive to achieve zero bugs in their apps, bugs do exist here and there once any piece of code gets changed. In this case, mobile teams should consider to adopt DevOps approach to always deliver high quality mobile apps with faster releases.

At Testdroid, we have implemented DevOps approach for couple of years and gained lots of positive results. We hope this ebook would give you enough info and insights on how to implement similar mindset and turn it into your own style for your unique situations in your teams.

Enjoy the ebook and happy testing at Testdroid Cloud!

Manifesto: Everything about Mobile DevOps

Learn how to properly adopt DevOps approach for your mobile team and get the most out of it.