New Ebook: The Ultimate Hands-on Guide to Successful Mobile Web Testing

More and more netizens rely on mobile devices rather than desktops to do searches, look for services and do shoppings while they are on the go. And many of today’s mobile apps utilize Internet browsers and web technologies.

The effectiveness of testing these apps varies widely among users, frameworks and tools that are used. Many top companies rely on real environment (real devices, real browsers) to test their web stuff. Reasons are that it gives the real experiences as end users would have.

Ultimate Guide to Successful Mobile Web Testing

In our new ebook, we will cover what frameworks and tools are widely used for mobile web testing, the code example written in Python, and key factors for you to achieve the success.

The Ultimate Hands-on Guide to Successful Mobile Web Testing

Learn how to do mobile web testing more efficiently and effectively and reap the benefits of it.


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