New SOLO Pricing Doubles Hours and Makes Testing More Cost-Efficient

Dear Testdroiders,

As of today, we’ve changed the Testdroid Cloud SOLO pricing to include 10 hours in the plan. Instead of 5 hours, you can test 10 hours per month with the new price of the SOLO plan. For majority of you, this will basically eliminate the need to use any extra hours in your plan.


Changes in Testdroid Cloud SOLO Pricing

As you know, we constantly analyze our test run data to make things easier and streamlined for you. One of the recurring themes in our SOLO plans is the need to use extra hours to get things done and apps tested properly. To make things yet easier for you, we’ve decided to DOUBLE included hours in SOLO plan and change the pricing to fit better for majority of our users.

How This Impacts Existing SOLO Plans?

If you have a valid SOLO plan, congratulations! Your current plan with $49/month remains untouched and you can keep using it as long as your credit card will expire. However, we recommend updating your plan to new $99/month plan as it will give you those double hours with cheaper-per-hour pricing.

The new Testdroid Cloud plans are valid and available today for purchase.

Happy Testing Folks!

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