No More Unpredictable App Testing Costs!

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Dear Testdroiders!

We are excited to introduce you the new Testdroid Cloud pricing plan – Testdroid Cloud Solo. Due to the introduction of Testdroid Cloud Solo, the Pay-As-You-Go pricing plan has been made obsolete and does not exist anymore.

Updated on the 14th of May 2015: Testdroid Cloud pricing and plans have changed since this blog. Please check the up-to-date pricing models on for the latest information.


Testdroid Cloud Solo provides you with an amazing value compared to Pay-As-You-Go credits in your Android or iOS application testing. As the chart says below, you can run unlimited tests on 1 project, either all Android devices or iOS devices. More importantly, we have added Testdroid Recorder as a feature in Testdroid Cloud. That means, you will get a free access to Testdroid Recorder as long as you are subscribed to either Testdroid Cloud Premium or Solo. It is truly a cost-effective subscription for your 1-project testing.


If you are more than just 1-project team, then we would definitely recommend Testdroid Cloud Premium to you. When you are on the track of Premium plan, our support team is standby for you on a 24/5 mode. This is a value-added feature that makes Testdroid customers always happy.

New Price Models

In addition, we would like to introduce you our new service – Security Appcheck. With this service, you can run a security and vulnerability test against your mobile app (Android or iOS) and get a report with full details about third-party libraries, licenses and vulnerabilities. It’s what you do NOT know about your app that makes it vulnerable!


See you at Testdroid Cloud!

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