Product Update: Testdroid Cloud 2.10 is Released

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Dear Testdroiders,

Testdroid Cloud has advanced to 2.10. As one of our philosophies, Agile Process is what we are always after in every department of the whole organization. Product-wise, we will be delivering new releases smaller but much faster from version 2.10 and onwards. As a Testdroid user, you can expect your desired features in short space of time.

Testdroid Cloud 2.10

App Crawler Enhancement

You can now upload additional data file for both Android and iOS App Crawler test runs. This enables you to get a sneak peek of how your application works with uploaded files before doing a full test run.

The process is rather simple – once you have uploaded apk and selected devices, you just need to upload your to-be-used files in the step 4 ‘Advanced options’, like in a full test run.

Upload Additional Data File for App Crawler

Calabash Tests Reporting Enhancement

We have also improved the reporting of Calabash Android and iOS test runs. Now you can generate reports of summary, failures and detailed failures for your Calabash tests.

Reports of Calabash Test Runs

In additional to above mentioned add-ons, we have fixed all the reported bugs that you will find a better and more stable Testdroid Cloud in this version.

Happy Testing with 2.10.