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Imagine Having Absolute Flexibility for your Mobile App Tests

The most flexible cloud-based platform to run manual testing, automated test scripts or AI-driven, codeless tests on real devices. From $45/month.

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Imagine you can use your existing processes, IDEs, CI/CD tools, and frameworks. No need to change, just plug & play. Want to switch them to another tool or framework? Sure, just do it! No lock-in and no hard feelings!


No rigid solutions

Don’t get caught using yesterday’s solutions that charge you per license or per every device you want to test on. We give you total movement freedom with unlimited users and unlimited concurrency on thousands of real devices. Scale up or down as you need!

Easily Find the Needles in the Code Stack

Real Devices BitbarTest on Real Devices

Lots of them! Bitbar is an emulator-free zone, test your app against the real world, reproducing the real issues your customers face.

Because after all, you want real customers, right?

Automated Testing BitbarAutomated Testing

Bitbar’s unlimited device concurrency enables automating tests on any number of mobile devices at the same time.

Increase your test efficiency without writing a single line of code. AI baby!

Manual Testing BitbarManual Testing

You can remotely control devices for manual testing to verify real-world user experiences.

No worries, every device is thoroughly cleaned after each session.

Framework Agnostic BitbarFramework Agnostic

We support any native test automation framework and all popular languages like Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript and more.

Prefer Docker contained frameworks & local tests? No problem, bring them on without hassles!

Trusted by devops teams in every industry
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supercell bitbar

“Throughout years of collaboration, Bitbar has helped us write scripts and run automated tests in their cloud service on hundreds of Android and iOS devices. This has given us the confidence that our games will work on thousands of real devices and on all supported OS versions.”

Cosmin Baltaretu, Game Testing Lead, Supercell

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