Get a Free Testdroid T-Shirt to Be A Real Testdroider Today

Dear Testdroiders,

During the past weeks, we’ve seen that some of our SOLO customers have changed to the new pricing model with $99 per month for 10 hours testing time. It’s a great way to cut the testing cost and avoid the extra testing minutes out of the plan. Today we want you to be a real Testdroider that you can get a Testdroid ‘Dev&Test’ t-shirt for free when you buy any of Testdroid Cloud plans or upgrade to a higher plan.

Testdroid T-Shirt

Why are we giving T-shirts?

We want you to be a real Testdroider and join our community. Meanwhile, we want every of Testdroid users to be confident when you develop and test your mobile applications at Testdroid.

In addition, we have a vision. In the end, we are here to make developers’ and testers’ lives easier. For any size of business, from two-men studio startup to market-leader enterprise, we provide all kinds of dev and testing environment to meet your special needs, which should help you streamline your process and get your day-to-day tasks done in an agile way. We truly hope that you are confident choosing us as your vendor or partner to succeed together.

How to get your t-shirt

It’s easy to get our nice t-shirt for a change on your outfit.

1. Buy any of our Testdroid Cloud plans or upgrade your plans

2. We will confirm with you about your mailing address and the size of the t-shirt.

3. Wait for the delivery, and there you go.

4. Put on this authentic Testdroider t-shirt and post it on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to mention us.

We hope to see your photo on the social network.