Robotium ExtSolo Library is Now Open Source

Dear Testdroiders,

As many of you probably know Robotium was one of the first mobile test automation frameworks that was supported by Testdroid products. In addition, many of you have started with and actually got the first touch in mobile test automation using this framework, we’re honored to announce that Robotium Extension Solo library – also known as Robotium ExtSolo – is now open source and fully available at Github.

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Meet with Testdroid during Google I/O 2014

Hello Android fellows,

If you are like everyone at Testdroid, you must be excited now as well. Why? The most popular and important Android annual event – Google I/O 2014 is kicking off  at 9 AM PDT today. As a part of the whole Android ecosystem, Testdroid team is eager and interested to see what’s new in Android development, what new devices (mobile handsets or wearable) will be unveiled, and etc.

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We are Heading to Droidcon Berlin on May 8-10

Hello everyone,

Droidcon Berlin is back. As one of the largest Android events in Europe, not only has Droidcon Berlin been influencing the Android community since its debut, but also it is a wonderful conference for all Android enthusiasts to share and exchange ideas. Because of that, we will bring the latest Testdroid to Droidcon Berlin held at STATION Berlin on May 8 – 10.

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Testdroid Webinars Guide You to the Era of Mobile Test Automation

If we say half of success of a Software as a Service (SaaS) company relies on its unbeatable softwares, then the other half comes to its awesome service. As you know, our 24-hour email support is one of the most appreciated services, making us stand out from the competition. To improve our customer service to the next level, we are rolling out Testdroid Webinars starting from Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2013.

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Getting The Best Out of Today’s Android Testing Tools

Every dog has its day and in this case, every blog too. We decided the last blog in our well-read series, Deconstructing Mobile Testing Methods, would end with the list of all lists and would be your raison d’etre or making money and getting those 100M plus downloads on your app.

So far we covered The Pros and Cons of Different Mobile Testing Methods, Using Twitter App as an Example: How to Build Robust and Reliable Automated Tests, our most popular in the series, Advanced Automated Testing as Part of Your Development Work, Goodbye Hand-Written Test Cases! and now our crowning jewel, Getting The Best Out of Today’s Android Testing Tools.

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Testdroid a Sony

Although we understand that *most* mobile developers aren’t Formula 1 drivers, they are just as awesome, and what mobile developer wouldn’t want to have the opportunity of test driving one of their apps on the latest and greatest from Sony?  Correction:  make that Testdroiding.  Yes, you just read that right.

We’re collaborating with Sony Mobile to deploy their Xperia line of devices on Testdroid Cloud so that you—mobile developer/tester/racecar driver extraordinaire—can Testdroid your apps and games on these full HD devices, for free.  Our priority is providing you, our users, with tools that make your mobile development and testing life easier, and access to the most fantastic screens used in Android devices is now within your reach.  Testdroid Cloud running Xperia devices offers a combination of features that enables you to:

·         Maximize device support instantly and with minimum effort: just upload, select and run.  Results will be delivered to you by email in minutes;
·         Develop, test and deploy apps and games in a fraction of time. Build tests for your app and run them at Testdroid Cloud;
·         Ensure your apps are differentiated on full-HD resolution screens;
·         Rapidly and accurately capture, verify, and replay your tests, with quick delivery of functionality and performance metrics;
·         Access the devices anytime, anywhere.

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Take a Spin in the Testing Driver’s Seat


If you’re not already familiar with the magic of the Testdroid Cloud dashboard, why not take a test drive today?

Testdroid Cloud is our online service for testing your application on 200+ real Android devices. Your dashboard in Testdroid Cloud gives you a quick look at everything that is going on in your tests. Plus, you can see many of the devices that are available.

First, you’ll need to log in to your Testdroid Cloud account. If you don’t already have one, you can register and try it for free at Find more info about creating your account here.

On your dashboard, you’ll see that you can review your account information, check out all of the devices we support (including newly added devices), organize your devices into groups for better testing, and review and manage tests in the project section.

There’s a help button to provide instruction and tutorials along the way. And if you happen to get lost, simply click the cloud icon to get back to your home page.

It’s that easy to keep informed about your results and stay solidly in the driver’s seat for all of your tests.

Check out our video for more information:

Jouko Kaasila from Bitbar presenting in DevFest West at Googleplex on October 20th

Jouko Kaasila from Bitbar will be giving a presentation on Android testing on the biggest Google developer event in the West Coast – DevFest West on October 20th. More details on the event can be found at and on Google+

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Quality Assurance Testing Should Not Be a 24-7 Gig

For most startups, quality assurance testing can last all day and then some. Each new feature added and each new tweak has to run through a significant amount of never-ending tests. In some cases the testing is outsourced, proof that the process can literally run around the clock, being passed from one side of the globe to the other.

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Happy New Year and highlights of 2011

Greetings and Happy New Year 2012!

On the behalf of everyone here at Bitbar, allow me to thank each of you for  participating in the Testdroid story this past year—and take a moment to share some of the highlights.

Year 2011 was a huge success for Android, becoming the #1 smartphone platform in the world, and year 2012 will undoubtedly be even better for the entire community. More than 700 000 Android devices are activated every day,
more people use now mobile apps than mobile browser, for the first time ever and Android Market just recently reached 400 000 applications.
Demand for great apps and mobile services is enormous, and we are here to help everyone to launch the best Android apps & services around.
We at Bitbar have expanded our product offering during last year from Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Server to Testdroid Cloud. We will continue to deliver our vision for making software testing as fast and easy as possible.