From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar Cloud UI Update 2.51


Ah! New Year! New hopes, resolutions and expectations. All gyms crammed and in the newspapers (as always at this time) a lot of articles like “how to lose weight in a week” and “the sculpture you always dreamed about.” Our first Cloud update, released yesterday, also brings you a lot of sweets! But do not worry – all our goodies have 0 calories! 🤤

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Using Fastlane for Continuous Delivery of iOS Apps

Fastlane for Continuous Delivery of iOS Apps
Fastlane for Continuous Delivery of iOS Apps

Continuous *everything* has quickly become one of the most crucial backbones of mobile DevOps workflow. Many of today’s mobile developers use continuous integration to build, test and deploy their apps, games and even web apps. The process is typically scripted and configured so that all steps take place automatically and source code is stored on repository (Github, some local one etc).

In this article, we take a look how mobile continuous delivery and continuous integration works for iOS app development and testing. We’ll also take a look at Fastlane and how mobile devs can get the best out of it.

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Two-Factor Authentication in Mobile App Testing

An increasing number of apps require an email or SMS authentication code for user registration. The added layer of security helps to prove user’s authenticity and identity, decreasing the chance of fake users trying to exploit them. But what does it mean for mobile test automation, when regression tests should be able to continuously click through the registration process without user intervention?

There are few tried and tested workarounds to implement two-factor authentication to be a part of mobile test automation. In this blog, we’ll take a look of the most common one and how it can help testers and developers to overcome with authentication issues.

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A Checklist for Selecting the Right App Testing Environment

Using cloud solutions for assuring app quality nowadays is trending. Yet, many companies still prefer a traditional way, a.k.a an in-house solution, to handle their app testing.

The problem is that there’s no one-size-fit-all solution to meet any specific requirements. Both cloud services and in-house solutions have their merits in terms of data privacy, accessibility, cost, scalability, and etc. To make things straightforward, we compiled a complete checklist that you can use to make sure that you are able to select the right environment for your app testing.

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4 Myths About Emulators and Real Devices for App Testing

4 Myths about Mobile App Testing
4 Myths about Mobile App Testing

In the real world, many developers and testers have migrated to using real devices for app testing from emulators. Yet, mythes like ‘We use emulators only’ or ‘Emulators are also good for testing’ still persists. But the truth is that no one would use your application or play your game on an emulator for any reason. Mobile apps and games that get tested on emulators cannot deliver the optimal quality to your users. Without a high quality, your application will eventually get removed from users’ mobile devices.

Today we will cover 4 myths and truths about whether to use emulators or real devices:

  • User experience
  • Hardware – All about devices
  • Software – Platform and Customization
  • Infrastructure and Network

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Webinar Recap: The Powerful and Comprehensive API for Mobile App Development and Testing

Dear Testdroiders,

Many of you might yet have experienced the power of our API in your daily mobile app development and testing tasks. It not only enables you to manage your development in an easier way, but boosts your overall productivity and efficiency.

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Tips&Tricks: How to Mock GPS Locations of Your Android Devices?

In many cases, your top priority in mobile app testing is probably functional testing, compatibility testing and UI testing. To some mobile app developers, however, the major concern in app testing is to guarantee the top performance of their apps on mobile devices that are located in various countries. Today, we are going to walk you through how to mock the locations of devices within Testdroid Recorder.

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Let’s meet on the Bay Area Android Fest


Spring is finally coming. This is definitely a good time period for brainstorming, new ideas, and of course fresh conferences and events. Bay Area Android Fest is just one of the most interesting upcoming events, especially for Android enthusiasts. Bay Area Android Meetup Groups unite in collaboration with Intel Corporation for a full day of lessons for software developers who are dedicated to building Android apps.

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