What to Expect from Google I/O 2015

3 weeks left – Google I/O 2015 is kicking off at 9 am PDT on May 28.

As the most important annual event targeting Android enthusiasts, Google I/O surely excites everyone in Android world. During the event, every Android developer has a chance to attend the code labs, sessions, and hands-on learning. For most of the Android lovers, however, the most exciting part is that many new stuff will be unveiled and announced at the show.

So what are you expecting from Google I/O 2015? We have made a wild guess below and you can share with us in our comment section if anything interesting on your mind.

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AT&T Bootstrap Week: Testdroid – Automate Your Mobile App Testing with Real Devices

Google I/O 2014 has gone for a couple of weeks. It is time to move on with new mobile events. We will be hosting a webinar on AT&T July Bootstrap Week on Monday, July 14th at 11am PDT and will walk you through why mobile app test automation is over manual testing and how you can benefit from the adoption of test automation.

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Meet with Testdroid during Google I/O 2014

Hello Android fellows,

If you are like everyone at Testdroid, you must be excited now as well. Why? The most popular and important Android annual event – Google I/O 2014 is kicking off  at 9 AM PDT today. As a part of the whole Android ecosystem, Testdroid team is eager and interested to see what’s new in Android development, what new devices (mobile handsets or wearable) will be unveiled, and etc.

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Happy Holidays and New Year

Dear Testdroiders,

Year 2013 will come to an end soon. We’d like to thank you for using Testdroid services for your mobile app testing. And we wish you have a good holiday season.

Overall, the mobile app testing environment is getting better year over year. We at Testdroid have been dedicated to building the easiest-to-use and the most systematic mobile test automation tool for Android and iOS ecosystem. Our vision is to guarantee that mobile developers can always build super robust and reliable automated tests with Testdroid.

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Bitbar customer case study: PayPal

Bitbar Testing Makes Devs Lives Easier
Bitbar Testing Makes Devs Lives Easier

PayPal allows users to make and receive online, mobile and store payments anytime, anywhere and in any way. The service offers users simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. With 128 million active accounts in 193 markets and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global commerce, processing more than 7.6 million payments every day and an expected $20 billion in mobile payments in 2013.

In May 2013, PayPal released the PayPal mobile SDK for Android in the USA, and is planning a wider release later in the year. The SDK is designed to provide a native Android experience that simplifies accepting credit card and PayPal payments in a developer’s mobile app. The library presents a simple user interface, features card.io (owned by PayPal) credit card scanning and uses a proof of payment system that eliminates Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance worries.

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Our View of Google I/O in Photos

Google I/O and Developer Sandbox were a great experience for us. Did you know we had more than 15,000 mobile developers test their apps on the Sony Xperia devices in one day alone! Lot’s of things to see! Drones, Robots mixing drinks and a packed Testrdroid stand. Here are a few of our favorite moments from Google I/O 2013!

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Testdroid Verified Apps and Games pass 1 Billion Global Downloads

First in market with a global reach, cooperation with leading OEMs and 1.5M+ Android activations per day provide proof-points for Testdroid’s success among mobile ecosystem

We at Bitbar, the creator of cloud-based AndroidTM testing platform for apps and games that is used by more than a billion end-users between Android and iOS applications, are announcing today that we will bring Testdroid back to the Google I/O annual developer conference on May 15-17 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco.
We have been invited to showcase Testdroid mobile software development and testing products for all three days of the conference, as well as connect with I/O attendees developer-to-developer in the Developer Sandbox to answer questions and exchange ideas.

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We’re in the Sandbox!

Sandboxes. We’ve all sat in them, built castles in them, wrestled toys away from other children in them. The definition of a sandbox is quite simple: a box filled with sand where children play.

Next week, May 15-17, we’ll be in the most recognized sandbox in the technology playground, the Google I/O Developer Conference Sandbox, and we are fired up to be part of this elite group! The Developer Sandbox showcases demos from a wide range of developers who have built applications based on products and technologies that are being featured at Google I/O. This includes us. We’ll be rubbing elbows and exchanging ideas with talented minds as we introduce Google+ sign in to all Testdroid products. Earlier this year, Google launched its Google+ sign in as a standard way to log in to online services. We support Google’s initiatives in whatever they do, even more so when developers are at the heart of these initiatives. Move over Facebook, now you can sign in with Google +!

This will be the second year that we’ve showcased Testdroid at Google I/O. Last year at this time, while some developers showed limited, web-based app testing capabilities in iOS, we were the only ones there that demonstrated the power of cloud-based app testing. This year we expect to see many more like-minded developers, even though we remain first-to-market with a global reach. We view our second year participating at Google I/O as a milestone that not only marks our growth over these past 12 months – confirming that we are on the right path and doing some cool stuff – but is testimony to the evolution of the Android testing platform industry as a whole … like more children playing in the sandbox.

We look forward to our three days in San Francisco next week at Google I/O and are excited to be in the Sandbox. Oh, and we promise to play nice!


Playing in the Sandbox

 You know where we are going to be this week? At Google I/O Developer Conference, June 27-29 in San Francisco! There, we will announce the commercial availability of our end-to-end automated testing solution to Android mobile app developers, Testdroid.

 We have been selected to attend Google I/O in the Developer Sandbox, a demo area where developers who have built applications based on technologies and products are featured at I/O. So come watch us demo Testdroid and play with us in the sandbox.

 Testdroid provides the first fully automated, scalable testing platform for Android application developers to test in real time in a matter of minutes. This helps everyone from one-man game developers to large corporations developing mobile Android apps, so we hope to see you all in San Francisco!