Bitbar customer case study: PayPal

Bitbar Testing Makes Devs Lives Easier
Bitbar Testing Makes Devs Lives Easier

PayPal allows users to make and receive online, mobile and store payments anytime, anywhere and in any way. The service offers users simpler ways to send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. With 128 million active accounts in 193 markets and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global commerce, processing more than 7.6 million payments every day and an expected $20 billion in mobile payments in 2013.

In May 2013, PayPal released the PayPal mobile SDK for Android in the USA, and is planning a wider release later in the year. The SDK is designed to provide a native Android experience that simplifies accepting credit card and PayPal payments in a developer’s mobile app. The library presents a simple user interface, features (owned by PayPal) credit card scanning and uses a proof of payment system that eliminates Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance worries.

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Getting The Best Out of Today’s Android Testing Tools

Every dog has its day and in this case, every blog too. We decided the last blog in our well-read series, Deconstructing Mobile Testing Methods, would end with the list of all lists and would be your raison d’etre or making money and getting those 100M plus downloads on your app.

So far we covered The Pros and Cons of Different Mobile Testing Methods, Using Twitter App as an Example: How to Build Robust and Reliable Automated Tests, our most popular in the series, Advanced Automated Testing as Part of Your Development Work, Goodbye Hand-Written Test Cases! and now our crowning jewel, Getting The Best Out of Today’s Android Testing Tools.

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Testdroid a Sony

Although we understand that *most* mobile developers aren’t Formula 1 drivers, they are just as awesome, and what mobile developer wouldn’t want to have the opportunity of test driving one of their apps on the latest and greatest from Sony?  Correction:  make that Testdroiding.  Yes, you just read that right.

We’re collaborating with Sony Mobile to deploy their Xperia line of devices on Testdroid Cloud so that you—mobile developer/tester/racecar driver extraordinaire—can Testdroid your apps and games on these full HD devices, for free.  Our priority is providing you, our users, with tools that make your mobile development and testing life easier, and access to the most fantastic screens used in Android devices is now within your reach.  Testdroid Cloud running Xperia devices offers a combination of features that enables you to:

·         Maximize device support instantly and with minimum effort: just upload, select and run.  Results will be delivered to you by email in minutes;
·         Develop, test and deploy apps and games in a fraction of time. Build tests for your app and run them at Testdroid Cloud;
·         Ensure your apps are differentiated on full-HD resolution screens;
·         Rapidly and accurately capture, verify, and replay your tests, with quick delivery of functionality and performance metrics;
·         Access the devices anytime, anywhere.

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Cha-Ching!! We’ve raised $3 million!

Break out the champagne and beer (or your drink of choice). It’s a day of celebration here at Bitbar as we can finally announce that we’ve completed a $3 million financing round!

With this investment, we now have the awesome opportunity to expand our mobile developer tools beyond Android, iOS and HTML5, AND beyond just testing. Exciting stuff!

A couple of weeks ago, we blogged about the renaissance of the mobile developer. It’s all about you – the developers who are adding to your toolboxes and sharpening your skills, especially to make testing part of your responsibilities.


For this very reason, we have focused on building tools for developers rather than for traditional testers. The success of this strategy is evident in the growth we’ve seen as 40 percent more of you are joining us each month.

And now we’re on our way to providing a fully integrated development, testing and deployment experience for all relevant mobile platforms

We’re extremely grateful to Creathor Venture of Frankfurt, which led this round, as well as DFJ Esprit (London), Finnvera Venture Capital (Finland), Qualcomm Incorporated/Qualcomm Ventures and TEKES (Finland) financing.

Look below to read what a couple of our investors have to say about our technology and the market. Then join us in a toast to celebrate our next chapter!


Marko, Jouko and the entire Bitbar Team


“Bitbar’s disruptive technology has the potential to revolutionize the entire mobile software development process. The company has made excellent progress in a very short time and is very well positioned for the future.”
–       Marc Biel, Investment Manager at Creathor Venture

“At DFJ Esprit we have a global outlook. World class teams are at the heart of every business we invest in. We are committed to backing the very best European talent right here at home to create businesses that can win in global markets. Bitbar’s customer traction in the Android developer market and the pace this market is developing is what made this investment stand out.”

–       Scott Sage, principal, DFJ Esprit

Bitbar customers rank high among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Mobile

Innovation. What does it mean to you?

We’ve enjoyed following Fast Company’s World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, an annual guide to the state of innovation in our economy. They define innovative businesses as those “whose innovations are having the greatest impacts across their industries and our culture as a whole.”

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