Testdroid Adds Appium 1.0 Support to All Its Products

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Testdroid Adds Appium 1.0 Support to All Its Products

All Testdroid deployment options, including public and private ones, now support and enable enterprise-grade use of Appium 1.0 with real Android and iOS devices 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 7, 2014 – Bitbar Inc., the creator of Testdroid – a popular cloud-based Android and iOS development and testing service for apps and games, announced today that it has added Appium 1.0 support to all Testdroid products and mobile developers are now able to use their favorite programming language with this cross-platform test automation framework for their development and testing needs.

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native and hybrid mobile applications. It works for both iOS and Android applications, and utilizes WebDriver JSON wire protocol, known also as a part of the Selenium test automation framework. In addition to variety of options with programming languages and cross-platform compatibility with the main mobile OS platforms, Appium also brings various other benefits to mobile app developers and testers. For instance, Appium doesn’t require any modifications to application, and it runs identically regardless of which programming language or framework is used.

The use of Appium with real mobile devices enables application and game developers to ensure their products work well on an array of different devices used by consumers. The Testdroid philosophy of enabling instant access on real devices by using any test automation framework and ensuring the maximal global coverage, fits well with Appium’s philosophy of being cross-platform compatible on the major mobile OS platforms and offering freedom-of-choice with programming languages.

Along with Appium 1.0 support, Testdroid Cloud provides an instant access to over 300 unique Android and iOS devices where users can test their applications and games. Testdroid Cloud is constantly adding new devices in its selection and provides the most compelling offering of real Android and iOS devices online.

We’re delighted to see Appium ready for prime time and excited to see online test clouds such as Testdroid offering first class Appium support for mobile app developers to run their Appium tests instantly on real devices,” says Dan Doveralba, one of the Appium contributors and Principal Quality Engineer at Lookout Mobile Security.

Appium has come a long way and from our recent experience, it has quickly become one of the most versatile frameworks for mobile app developers. It is great to see Appium reaching the current maturity and enable our customers to run their Appium tests on our ever growing device farm,” said Jouko Kaasila, President and CEO of Bitbar Inc.

As well as providing the mobile industry’s most cutting-edge testing solutions, Bitbar also provides its customers with a full range complementing testing services, including assisting in test automation implementation. Testdroid enables its customers get the most robust and reliable apps and games built for their end-users with fastest time to market.

About Bitbar Inc.

Bitbar is a technology and service company with focus on providing high-performance mobile software development and testing solutions for mobile app and game developers. The company’s flagship product – Testdroid Cloud – has been used to make many of the most popular mobile apps and games reliable, highly optimized and compatible across the Android and iOS device ecosystems. San Francisco-based Bitbar Inc has global footprint with operations also in Finland and Poland. More about the company, products and customers at https://bitbar.com/testing/

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