Testdroid Cloud Brings Mobile App Testing to IBM Cloud Marketplace

Testdroid is collaborating with IBM to bring mobile app testing capabilities to developers on the IBM Cloud Marketplace. Developers, testers and QA people can access the most versatile and the largest global reach of real mobile devices via IBM Cloud Marketplace.

We’re delighted to announce that Testdroid Cloud is now available through IBM Cloud Marketplace. In case you are not familiar with IBM Cloud Marketplace offering it’s a premium marketplace where IBM offers their own and complementary third-party products to enhance enterprises capabilities to build, create, manage, deploy and now, test, their mobile apps and more.


You can browse the provided services in this product catalog and for example under mobile section you can find an array of useful and highly productive services and tools. This sort of developer-centric catalog and instant access to over 150 services IBM Cloud Marketplace gathers the best selection of needed tools and services by developers, and surely makes the app developers lives easier by providing a comprehensive catalog of services at their fingertips. In addition to mobile app testing, cloud based development and deployment tools, IBM Cloud Marketplace also includes lots of handy services for mobile, DevOps, IoT, security and much more. Check all of them out here.

As a mobile app developer you probably have experienced explosive growth in the number of cloud offerings that promise instant access, easy integration, feature-rich services, use of real devices and support for the de-facto test automation frameworks. This the movement that IBM Cloud Marketplace was definitely born on and now you can find the most compelling mobile test automation service with public devices – Testdroid Cloud – from this great service.

In addition to regular SaaS offering, the service can be also seen as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) where all necessary infrastructure components and software is provided as part of the service. In case of mobile test automation and app testing this can scale from few servers to hundreds of device servers with large database implementation, and all the way to thousands of real mobile devices. Most importantly, this sort of service must be extremely easy to integrate with, use daily basis, and scale up according to mobile app testing needs. This is the philosophy on which we have build all our Testdroid product deployment options.

Testdroid Cloud in IBM Cloud Marketplace

Testdroid Cloud has been used by tens of thousands of mobile app, game and web developers to build the best mobile and web experiences for their users. Testdroid Cloud provides the most versatile set of real Android and iOS devices that are instantly usable by developers, testers and other IT folks to create, maintain and use test automation for their mobile apps, games and web related products.

Now, you can access this service by visiting in Testdroid Cloud product page under IBM Cloud Marketplace product catalog.

To get started, first sign up for the IBM Cloud Marketplace. Once you have filled in the form and accept the terms of service, you’ll be directed to the product page with all information how to get started and how try it for free.

The core features and benefits that you get through this service are as follows:

  • Real Devices – Testdroid Cloud hosts thousands of real Android and iOS devices for development and testing purposes.
  • Agile testing and continuous integration – at your fingertips. Highly responsive technical support provided by Bitbar will deliver the best support within the industry and enables you to adopt agile testing methodology for your mobile app development and testing.
  • Save costs and time in app development – Improve Return-On-Investment with the help of all required infrastructure, devices and software that makes the mobile app testing seamless, easy and cost-efficient.
  • Automation that improves your productivity – Automate all repetitive manual tasks and use regression testing so that you can focus on more detailed test cases
  • Manual testing and debugging. Jump to users’ shoes – Remotely control real devices to experience how your users interact with your apps and if they encounter any glitches.
  • All industry defacto test automation frameworks – Testdroid Cloud supports all major mobile testing frameworks (Appium, Calabash, Espresso, Robotium etc.)
  • Parallel mobile device execution – In contrast to other services, Testdroid Cloud doesn’t limit parallel test execution anyhow. You can select from one device to hundreds – and run them all at the same time.

Happy Mobile App Testing!