New features in Testdroid Cloud: Set Device Language & Upload SD card Content

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Android supports many locales and application developers are writing multilingual apps to reach maximum number of users. To enable testing of applications that support multiple languages we have added support for app localisation. The user can select Device locale and language combination for each test run which is then set to all devices used in that test run. This will greatly help to test multilingual applications as the user can easily switch locale & language and see how the application looks on devices which are sold in different regions. Changing device language is also supported in Testdroid Recorder: While creating your test scripts you can add a test step to change device language. This way you can create test suites that change the device language for each test case.

Selecting device locale and language: Open your project and select test run type. Next open “Advanced configuration” and from General settings you can select device locale

Uploading SD card content

All our devices in Testdroid Cloud have SD card attached or other storage and now we provide function which allows users to upload content into SD Card. The external storage can be used to store music, images, videos and all other files which are accessed by applications, and users can extend their tests so that the data is accessed.  If your application can store and read data from external storage you can create test cases where data is accessed from external storage and make sure access works correctly. The test data that goes to the internal storage of each device is provided by uploading a zip package before each test run. This zip package is extracted on each device and this way you can create any directory structure on the internal storage. Naturally the whole internal storage is wiped out after each test run so no user specific data is left on the devices.

When you create a new test run select “Advanced settings” and from there select “Test data”. Here you can upload SD card content as ZIP package and it is extracted into device’s external storage’s root folder before tests are executed.