Testdroid Integrates with Atlassian JIRA to Help Mobile App Developers to Efficiently Manage Issues and Projects

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Testdroid Integrates with Atlassian JIRA to Help Mobile App Developers to Efficiently Manage Issues and Projects

Testdroid mobile app testing products provide integrations with Atlassian JIRA Issue and Project Tracking system for test automation and remote manual testing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 10, 2014 – Bitbar Inc., the creator of Testdroid – the most advanced cloud-based Android and iOS development and testing service for apps and games, announced today that its Testdroid products are integrated with Atlassian JIRA. Testdroid Cloud is the first Testdroid product available with the integration and it enables app developers and testers instantly to capture and organize issues, plan defect fixes, and follow team’s progress.

Testdroid Cloud enables highly sophisticated test automation and remote manual testing for mobile application and game developers. Testdroid Cloud enables the use of its device arsenal for developing, testing and verifying the correct functionality and behavior of apps on hundreds of real devices, by different OEMs, with different OS versions and hardware configurations. With this integration, users can now seamlessly connect their JIRA account to cloud-based app testing.

The integration of JIRA with Testdroid Cloud, Testdroid PrivateCloud and Testdroid Enterprise will provide different types of use cases for mobile application developers, enterprises and game developers to track issues, report and share those across team, follow the progress of getting those issues fixed app version by app version. Testdroid Enterprise will also support JIRA and companies relying on in-house testing can also seamlessly connect JIRA to their Testdroid Enterprise based continuous integration and testing environment.

Organizations not only want but need to be more agile in their development, and many have found JIRA useful in their efforts achieving those goals. Our goal is to help Testdroid users as well as the whole mobile app developer community by bridging the gap between issue management and the actual testing on real devices. As a result, mobile app developers can now enjoy the seamless integration of Atlassian JIRA and Testdroid,” said Jouko Kaasila, President and CEO of Bitbar Inc. As well as providing the mobile industry’s most cutting-edge testing solutions, Bitbar also provides its customers with a full range complementing testing services, including assisting in test automation implementation. Testdroid enables its customers get the most robust and reliable apps and games built for their end-users with fastest time to market.

About Bitbar Inc.

Bitbar is a technology and service company with focus on providing high-performance mobile software development and testing solutions for mobile app and game developers. The company’s flagship product – Testdroid Cloud – has been used to make many of the most popular mobile apps and games reliable, highly optimized and compatible across the Android and iOS device ecosystems. San Francisco-based Bitbar Inc has global footprint with operations also in Finland and Poland. More about the company, products and customers at https://bitbar.com/testing/

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