Testdroid Recorder 1.1.12 – Time line recording.

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And here it is! Testdroid Recorder 1.1.12 arrived. In this release we add great new timeline recording feature. Robotium and monkeyrunner tends to playback tests as fast as they can. However, if your application needs to do something time consuming after the action, it may not keep the pace of a test. For example, when your application fetches data from a server, the delay caused by network latency and server reaction might cause test to fail.

The new version of Recorder observes not only your actions but the intervals between them. It places sleep() between test commands, so they will be executed with the pace they were recorded. It prevents tests from failing due to too fast execution. Please note that when you are pausing the recording, the time spent in pause is not taken into delay interval.

However, if the situation is different – test is Wile E. Coyote and your application is a Road Runner – the timeline recording can be turned off. Go to Eclipse->Window->Preferences->Testdroid->Robotium and tick off checkbox Preserve intervals between actions.

Have fun with the new Recorder!