Testdroid Recorder 4.2 is out!

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Hello everyone,

We’re proud to announce that the new version of Testdroid Recorder just got released! In this release – version 4.2 – we’ve done some major improvements on reported issues and streamlined some of the stability issues. The most significant improvement was the stack-traces related issues in Testdroid Recorder, that all have been now fixed.

Long-clicks on screen with time:

There is a method in Robotium framework to click long on screen. There is also another method, which allow us to specify how long that click should last. In this case, we decided that it would be better to produce actions for long-clicks with time. Now, every long-click will be produced as follows:

solo.clickLongOnScreen(solo.toScreenX(0.5f), solo.toScreenY(0.45f), 3400);

We know this is highly expected improvement and will be extremely useful especially for the game developers to produce more accurate testings (and results).

Fixed issues:

  • Wait for a log message to be returning true – as we’ve logged every single action
  • Click on text for not standard characters
  • Recreation of Testdroid Recorder Core files – in cases user has accidentally deleted those
  • Name of the project created for Website Test, when url contains ‘?’ character
  • Other small fixes for issues found in reports

Other improvements:

  • Clicks, drags, gestures recognition – it is more accurate now, as we made it more conditional on the screen resolution
  • Showing a proper error, if installation of application failed
  • Device may be chosen with a double click in the Device Chooser Dialog

Updating your Testdroid Recorder

You can update to the new version directly from Eclipse (About Eclipse -> Installation Details, selecting Testdroid Recorder and clicking Update)

As always, we’re keenly looking forward to hear your thoughts about Testdroid Recorder. We trust you will enjoy the new version of Testdroid Recorder!