Testdroid Recorder Now Supports Scripting of Unity3D Games

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Testdroid Recorder has been a popular and useful Android app/game development and testing tool on the market. One of its biggest values is that it saves a lot of time in generating test scripts. Today, we are bringing a new great feature of it to every Android game developer – Testdroid Recorder now supports scripting of Unity3D based games.

Unity3D - Testdroid

As you may know, Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine and a user friendly development environment. By enabling the Unity3D support on Testdroid Recorder, you are able to record X, Y clicks and thus set the mode for recording based on JDI. In addition, you can record touch actions with JAVA DEBUG INTERFACE. Although it might be slower, recording actions is very accurate.

Want to test Unity3D based mobile games? Try Testdroid Recorder today to ease your test script generation.

If you have not installed and tried Testdroid Recorder, you can follow these instructions below:

1. Installationhttp://help.testdroid.com/customer/portal/articles/687378-installation

2. First recordinghttp://help.testdroid.com/customer/portal/articles/687572-first-recording

3. Using real devices at Testdroid Cloud:  https://cloud.testdroid.com/ or just use Testdroid Recorder’s Run-in-Cloud plugin


Naturally, we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you might have about Testdroid and Unity3D together.

  • disqus_iRF7iXJXpB

    where can I found info how to use testdroid with Unity 3D games?

  • Jeferson Rehder da Silva

    Should I do any additional configuration to get actions from Games developed in UNITY?
    The recording is working fine for other APKs we tested… just the games in UNITY seems not working