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Whether you want to do manual device testing, automate test scripts or run AI-driven, codeless tests against real devices at scale, Bitbar Testing has you covered.

Bring all your mobile app testing needs together

Bitbar Testing presents a mobile device cloud with 1000s of real Android and iOS devices for mobile teams with unique flavors to achieve continuous testing and boost testing efficiency, assisted by AI Testbot.

  • AI-driven automated testing
  • Manual device testing
  • Framework agnostic

Scalable test automation with UNLIMITED device concurrency, powered by AI

  • Eliminate the need for designing and maintaining test cases for exploratory testing and device compatibility testing at scale with AI-driven technology. Learn more about AI Testbot.
  • Automate app tests against any number of real Android and iOS devices in parallel to increase device coverage and speed up your test efficiency – UNLIMITED device concurrency.

Remotely control devices for manual testing to verify your real world UX

  • Manually interact with our real devices to reproduce and fix the issues your users encounter. Rotate device, take screenshots and read real-time logs whenever needed.
  • Devices are thoroughly cleaned after each session to ensure your target device is as natural as the real world user experience.

Your choice of open test frameworks or custom Docker images

  • Out-of-the-box support for any native test automation frameworks including Appium, XCUITest/XCTest, Robot Framework, Espresso, Detox and Calabash, with support for popular languages – Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript and more.
  • Premium support for Docker containers, allowing you to bring Docker contained frameworks and local tests to our device cloud without any hassles. We’ll take care of the custom job configuration.
Real Android and iOS devices

Get instant access to our mobile device cloud with 1000s of real Android and iOS device models and OS versions. No simulators or emulators.

Continuous testing for DevOps

Turn into agile development with our powerful REST API to integrate with Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis or any CI/CD tools and automate everywhere possible continuously.

Rich test analytics

Understand device behavior with visual flow and analyze test results with logcats, screenshots and video recording to trace any failures and validate app quality.

Connect your favorite services for DevOps and CI/CD

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“With Bitbar Testing, we have implemented an optimal DevOps process. The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time. This gives us the confidence to move our SDK through all phases of the pipeline and deliver quality SDKs to game developers rapidly.”

Rasmus Selsmark, QA Lead at Unity

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Bitbar Cloud is an integrated mobile DevOps solution for continuous build, test, deploy and monitor

Focus on continuous innovations, quality and optimization in a collaborative mobile dev & test environment.

Say goodbye to silos and bring together all your mobile teams around a single DevOps solution that is compatible with popular CI tools, containers and test automation frameworks.

Eliminate the complexity of release tracking with increased transparency into the entire pipeline performance and scale continuous delivery for organizations of any size.

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