Mobile app testing made scalable

The only mobile device testing cloud for UNLIMITED device concurrency with 1000s of real Android and iOS device models. Increase test velocity and release with confidence today.

Bring all your mobile app testing needs together

Bitbar Testing is designed for any agile mobile teams with unique flavors to scale up mobile app testing efforts across real devices.

Scalable test automation

Automate app tests across any number of real Android and iOS devices simultaneously to increase device coverage and speed up your feedback loop.

Manual device testing

Manually interact with our devices to execute defined test steps, perform exploratory testing, and troubleshoot issues reported by your customers.

Flexible framework choice

Support for all open source frameworks – Appium, XCUITest, XCTest, Espresso, Calabash and more. Our container-based infrastructure enables you to easily scale local tests with your own frameworks in our device cloud.

DevOps tools integrated

Optimize your DevOps toolchains with our out-of-the-box integrations or use our comprehensive APIs to connect your own services for alerting, bug tracking, continuous integration and delivery.

Bitbar Cloud is an integrated mobile DevOps solution built for continuous build, test, deploy and monitor

Focus on continuous innovations, quality and optimization in a collaborative mobile dev & test environment.

Say goodbye to silos and bring together all your mobile teams around a single DevOps solution that is compatible with popular CI tools, containers and test automation frameworks.

Eliminate the complexity of release tracking with increased transparency into the entire pipeline performance and scale continuous delivery for organizations of any size.

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“With Bitbar Testing, we have implemented an optimal DevOps process. The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time. This gives us the confidence to move our SDK through all phases of the pipeline and deliver quality SDKs to game developers rapidly.”

Rasmus Selsmark, QA Lead at Unity

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Everything you need for continuous testing

Automated testing

Run automated tests on multiple devices in parallel to reduce repeatable testing efforts and shorten test cycles.

Remote debugging

Manually interact with our devices to reproduce and fix the issues your users encounter. Rotate device, press buttons, launch built-in apps.

Real Android and iOS

Test on the same real mobile device models your customers use for both test automation and manual testing. No simulators or emulators.

Granular test report

Analyze test results with logcats, performance stats, screenshots and video recording to trace any failures and validate app quality.

Integration for CI/CD

Use our powerful REST API to integrate with Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis, or any CI/CD tools for a collaborative environment.

Language agnostic

Works with any tests written in your language of choice – Java, C#, Ruby, Python Javascript or any other language.

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